project zomboid level up sound

The old level-up sound is still in the game’s sound directory

The level-up noise in the game is bizarre and annoying. It is a long, abrupt sound that can be frustrating for players because it doesn’t give any indication of what level has been reached. There is also no way to mod the sound into something else. However, some people like the noise, while others find it jarring. The old level-up sound can be found in the game’s sound directory, but the new one is not as easily located.

The old level-up sound is still present in the game’s sound directory(media/sound/levelup.wav), although it is not currently being used. Some players liked this sound better than the new one, and so they are hoping that there is a way to enable it again. It is not clear whether or not this is possible, it may just be a matter of changing some settings.

The level-up noise can be turned down with the Advanced Sound options.

The original level-up sound in the game was found to be off-putting and jarring by many players. While it fit the location of the game – Kentucky in the early 1990s – it was not something that players enjoyed hearing. Thankfully, The level-up noise in the game can be turned down using the Advanced Sound options. This can be helpful for players who find the noise to be jarring or disruptive. Additionally, the sound can be turned off entirely if desired.

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