project zomboid level up sound

In the game, players can level up and progress through the game by earning experience points. When a player levels up, they are usually greeted with a sound effect to indicate their progress. However, not all players are fans of this sound effect.

The old level-up sound, which can be found in the game’s sound directory (media/sound/levelup.wav), is described as bizarre and annoying by some players. It is a long, abrupt sound that does not give any indication of what level has been reached. There is also no way to mod the sound into something else. While some players may like the noise, others find it jarring.

Despite the negative feedback, the old level-up sound is still present in the game’s sound directory. Some players are hoping that there is a way to enable it again, although it is not clear whether or not this is possible. It may just be a matter of changing some settings.

Fortunately, players who do not enjoy the level-up sound can turn it down or off entirely using the Advanced Sound options. This can be helpful for players who find the noise to be disruptive or off-putting.

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