Where to Find Twine and How to Make It in Project Zomboid

Welcome to Project Zomboid! In this tutorial, we will cover the basics of twine, a crafting material that is used in a variety of applications.

What is twine?
Twine is a type of string or cord that is often used for tying things together. It is a lightweight crafting material with a weight of 0.1. In Project Zomboid, twine is used for making fishing rods, traps, and other items.

Where can I find twine?
Twine can be found in a variety of locations in Project Zomboid, including houses, warehouses, hardware stores, and vehicles. It can also be found in sheds and tool stores. We have found that the mall is a good place to look for fishing rods, which often contain twine.

How do I use twine?
Twine is used in the crafting of several items in Project Zomboid. It is required to make a fishing rod, which can be used to catch fish in bodies of water. Twine is also used to make traps, such as the fishing net trap, stick trap, and snare trap. To make a fishing net trap, you will need 10 units of twine, which is equivalent to 2 full items of twine.

Can I make twine in Project Zomboid?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to make twine in the vanilla version of Project Zomboid. However, there is a mod called Hydrocraft that allows you to make twine by combining grass and other items. There is also a mod called Thread and Twine that lets you make thread, twine, and rope without having to go through the hassle of sewing, twining, and roping. This mod also gives you small amounts of XP for crafting these items.

The distribution for twine with locations:

LocationSpawn Chance (%)QuantityContainers
all Areas10–1crate
all Areas40–4metal_shelves
Toolbox Areas100–1items
ToolsCache1 Areas400–4Bag_DuffelBagTINT
ToolsCache1 Areas400–4counter
ToolsCache1 Areas400–4ToolsBox
armysurplus Areas400–4counter
armysurplus Areas400–4metal_shelves
armysurplus Areas400–4shelves
The distribution for twine

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