How to properly set up minutes per page for multiplayer?

How to change book reading speed in multiplayer

In multiplayer games, players are often faced with time-consuming activities that can slow down the pace of the game. One such activity is reading books. Thankfully, there is a setting that allows players to change the speed at which they read books in multiplayer games.

This can help to unbalance the game slightly, as in single-player games, Players can fast forward while reading books. However, in multiplayer games, without the ability to speed up time, players would have to spend a lot of time sitting and reading if they want to read all of the skill books.

Changing the book reading speed setting can help to make multiplayer games more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Minutes Per Page

In multiplayer mode, you and your buddy can read books at an accelerated pace by changing the “MinutesPerPage”(The number of in-game minutes it takes to read one page of a book) setting in the admin settings.

The server setting for skill book read speed multiplier

Alternatively, you can manually alter the sandbox settings file to speed up reading.

Real-life time spent with different settings

MinutesPerPagepages / minutes (in–game)pages / minutes (real–life)
0.01100 pages2400 pages
0.52 pages48 pages
1.01 pages24 pages
2.00.5 pages12 pages

Total Pages And Real-Life Time Spend

BookTotal PagesReading Speed In Real–Life(No Traits And MinutesPerPage = 1.0)SkillBook Level 1220 pages~ 9.2 minutesSkillBook Level 2260 pages~ 10.9 minutesSkillBook Level 3300 pages~ 12.5 minutesSkillBook Level 4340 pages~ 14.2 minutesSkillBook Level 5380 pages~ 15.9 minutesOther5 pages~ 0.2 minutes

Calculate the Real-Life time spent on different settings for SkillBook Level 1