Difference between build 40 and 41

Things added in 41

-New tutorial

-A new map system

-A very large Louisville city to explore

New Map New City

-New Gameplay Styles

Apocalypse, Survivor, Builder

-New challenges

Kingsmouth, Studio

-Foraging overhaul

How the new foraging system works

-New inventory slots

 belts and holsters

-New thermal / body temperature system


-New Tailoring system for clothing repairs

How To Repair Clothing

-New Fitness / Exercise system

Project Zomboid Fitness Guide

-New emote system


-New water visuals

-New fog visuals

How Does Fog Affect Zombie Vision

-New levelling system

-New VHS, and CDs system

All CD And VHS Tapes

-Broken glass and related injuries

What are the benefits of wearing gloves when dealing with broken glass?

-3D Store Mannequins

3D Store Mannequins

-Working washing machines and driers

How to clean and dry clothes in project zomboid

-Server-side saving

-New radial menu for reloading firearms

Gun Menu

-New game cursor

-New loot balance

-Isometric aiming cursor

-A gigantic list of fixes and QoL improvements

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