How to clean and dry clothes in project zomboid

In Project Zomboid, you can dry your clothes in several ways, all of which will help you avoid getting sick from any bloodied or stained clothing.

The easiest and most straightforward way is to simply wait for the clothes to dry naturally. However, if you are looking for a quicker solution, you can use a dryer or install a mod that allows you to use your hand to dry clothes.

Natural DryingWait for the clothes to dry naturallyVaries
DryerUse a dryer to speed up the processQuick
Wring Out Clothing ModUse a mod to quickly remove water from clothing and towelsQuick

Before you can dry your clothes, you must wash them first. This can be done at various water sources, such as a river, sink, or washing machine. Getting your clothes clean is important to avoid getting sick from bloodied or stained clothing.

If you want your character to only wash a specific item of clothing, you can select it by searching for the item in the drop-down list. However, if you prefer to have your character wash all clothes at once, just click “All Clothing“. 

The laundry in Project Zomboid will also take some time, so we recommend that you stay in a relatively safe place so that no zombies sneak up on you. You can also speed up the washing process if you have soap in your character’s inventory and use certain items. You can speed up your laundry by using the in-game fast-forward option. 

If you don’t want to wait for your clothes to dry naturally, you can use a dryer to speed up the process. However, if the electricity and water has been shut off, you will need to use a rain barrel to plumb the washing machine before you can use it.

Change Mode To Dryer

You can find clothes dryers in laundromats and most houses. If you want to move it to your base, you will need some Electrical skill. Drying clothes moderately faster than just not caring much about it. 

After the electricity and water shut off, though, washers will take a bit more effort to get working. Not only do they need electricity, but they need to be plumbed by placing a rain barrel above and to the side of the washing machine and selecting the plum option.

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Another option for drying clothes quickly is to use a mod, such as the Wring Out Clothing Mod. This mod enables you to quickly remove water from clothing and towels, making it much easier to dry your clothes.


In Project Zomboid, there are several ways to dry your clothes quickly and effectively. Whether you opt to wait for them to dry naturally, use a dryer, or install a mod, you can rest assured that your character will be safe from any potentially harmful effects of bloodied or stained clothing.