How to Find a Chipped Stone in project zomboid

Chipped stone is used for a variety of purposes in Project Zomboid, such as crafting weapons and tools, or building structures.

where to find a chipped stone

Foraging for a chipped stone

Chipped stone can be found by foraging in the forest area outside of the city. To find a chipped stone, right-click the ground and select the “Investigate This Area” option.

You may also want to try foraging on the road. The new foraging system makes it more difficult to find the chipped stone, but taking the park ranger occupation and hiker or hunter traits can improve your chances.

Discoveries Possible of Stone

Chipped stone can be found at any foraging level, though it may take more than one try to find it. Once the chipped stone is found, it will appear on the foraging screen and will be placed in the main inventory by default when you pick it up.

Pick up Chipped Stone
Pick up Chipped Stone

Can you make a chipped stone in project zomboid

Chipped stones can only be found when foraging in the vanilla game.

But, you can make the chipped stone in project zomboid by using a mod that adds the chipped stone recipe to the game, so you can craft it using a hammer or stone hammer.

Create Chipped Stones from Stones mod allows you to take stones and turn them into chipped stones, which can be used to make various tools and weapons.

The Chip A Stone mod allows you to chip stones by using a hammer or stone hammer. This action will transform the stones into chipped stones. Additionally, it supports knapping stones, meaning you can hit one rock with another to get one sharpened stone and one rock that is degraded and useless.

What is chipped stone used for

Chipped stone is a type of stone that has been cut or shaped into small pieces. It is often used for making tools and weapons, as it is stronger and sharper than other types of stone. In particular, chipped stone spearheads are more effective than those made with tree branches.

How the new foraging system works

The system works by taking into account the occupation and traits of the player, as well as the biome they are in. Different biomes will have different types of loot available, so if a player is having trouble finding a specific item, they should try looking in a different biome. There is also an effect on the light level in the area, so players may need to get closer to an item in order to see it.

New Foraging System

The new foraging system is very difficult to use, especially for new players. The detection radius is very small, and it is hard to find items unless you are standing right on top of them.

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