Craft Your Own Ammo In Project Zomboid!

Project Zomboid is a survival game where players must scavenge for food, shelter, and weapons to stay alive. Ammunition is an essential part of the game, and some mods allow players to create their own ammunition to use in their firearms.


The mod adds new content to Project Zomboid, including bullet tips, casings, books and magazines with recipes for dismantling ammo, jars of gunpowder that hold 10 regular gunpowder, and a reloading press. It also includes new tools with icons and 3D models: the reloading press and a pair of pliers. The mod adds the ability to cast new bullets and re-use spent casings by reloading the primer.

Ammo Maker

This mod for the base game adds raw materials and recipes for crafting ammunition from scratch. It works in multiplayer and can be added to existing worlds.

Ammo Maker for Brita’s!

This Adds in a compatibility patch for Ammo Maker to include Ammo types found in Arsenal(26) GunFighter Mod. This is used by Brita’s Weapon Mod. You will need both Ammo Maker and Arsenal(26) GunFighter Mod for this compatibility patch to work.

Kitsune Ammo Craft Vanilla

Kitsune Ammo Craft Brita

This mod adds crafting recipes for bullets, magazines, and a few misc recipes into firearms crafting. All are separate so you can choose which you want to use!

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