Metal tool box item

The “Toolbox” item is a container that can be equipped in your primary or secondary slot.

The Toolbox weighs 2.0, reduces the weight by 15%, and has an impact of 97% on movement speed. It has a capacity of 8, and its id is Base.Toolbox.

Any items placed inside the toolbox will have their weight reduced, though the reduction is very small. The toolbox must be equipped in order to see the weight reduction.

How to use the toolbox item

The “Toolbox” item in the game is mostly just a cosmetic item and was never properly balanced for weight reduction. It is similar to the first aid box, lunchbox, and sewing kit in that it is mostly just a decorative item, and does not have much practical use. The toolbox does however work as a container for other items, and when equipped can reduce the weight of the items inside it. This can be useful for carrying a small, organized tool kit.

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