What Is Light-footed And How to Level It Up In Project Zomboid

The benefits of being light-footed in the zombie apocalypse

Light-footedness allows you to move quietly and avoid detection by zombies. This skill affects all movement types.

The higher the LightFooted level, the smaller the radius of footsteps that can be heard by zombies. At level 10, the radius is only 20%. This can be a helpful skill in the zombie apocalypse, as it allows players to avoid detection and potentially escape dangerous situations.

Lightfooted level012345678910
Footsteps sound radius multiplier99%90%79%71%65%59%52%45%37%30%20%

How to increase your light-footedness to easily survive the zombie apocalypse

Light-footedness is the ability to move quietly, and it is directly related to the sneaking skill. It is recommended to level up light-footedness by sneaking near zombies while undetected and advises doing this during daylight hours.

The best ways to level up the LightFooted skill

To increase your light-footedness and easily survive the zombie apocalypse, you need to get a police car, ambulance, or similar vehicle and set off the siren. Then, you need to sneak run near the zombies. The more zombies that are nearby and not detecting you, the more experience points (XP) you will rack up.

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