The Coming Build 42 Update For Wildlife

In the upcoming build 42 of Project Zomboid, players can expect a new addition to the game: farm animals. These animals will have their own AI and will wander the landscape, including cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. These animals will provide a new level of realism to the game, as players will need to take care of them and ensure their survival.

One of the key features of the animal update is the ability to attach a rope to the animals and lead them around, as well as feeding them from a crafted feeding trough. This will allow players to create their own animal husbandries, where they can breed and care for their own animals. These animals will also be able to reproduce, adding a new layer of strategy to the game. To survive, the animals will eat grass, so players will need to make sure they have access to a sufficient food supply.

However, players will also need to be aware that the noise caused by these animals will attract zombies. But the zombies will not be driven to attack them, but this will force players to come up with new strategies to keep their animals safe.

The developers are also considering the possibility of zombies animals. This would add a new level of risk to having a pet dog, as they could potentially be bitten and turn into zombies themselves. This would also encourage the inclusion of new gameplay features, such as skills and craftable or findable armor for animals, to make them more resistant to zombie attacks. This would create a new gameplay dynamic that would require players to think more strategically about how they protect their animal companions.

As the game progresses, it becomes more difficult to find live animals. This is why the animal husbandry update is so important, as it will allow players to breed and repopulate the wildlife.

The community has made it clear that they would like to see several new features in the upcoming update. These include hunting, companion animals, animal attacks, and farming. Mounts and animal husbandry would also be welcome additions. They want to see more wildlife in the game, including hostile animals that players will have to fight against. This would make the game more interesting and exciting, especially with the new animation update.

The developers are working hard to make this update as fun and balanced as possible. They want to create an animal husbandry system that is both realistic and enjoyable for players. They are optimistic that this new update will bring back many of the veterans who have left the game and attract new players as well. The game will become more dynamic and realistic, with a new level of immersion and strategy.

Overall, the animal update promises to be one of the most exciting and anticipated updates for Project Zomboid. It will add a new level of realism to the game and create new gameplay dynamics for players to explore. The community is looking forward to the addition of farm animals, hunting, companion animals, and animal husbandry, as well as the possibility of zombies animals. The developers are working hard to make this update as enjoyable and balanced as possible, and they are hopeful that it will bring back many of the players who have left the game.


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