How to style your hair in project zomboid

How to give your character a haircut in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, you can customize your character’s appearance in a number of ways. One way is to give them a haircut. To do this, you’ll need to find a pair of scissors in the game world or have one in your inventory. Keep in mind that you can only go shorter with a haircut.

How fast does hair grow?

Hair growth is a thing, It takes approximately 20 days for the hair to grow from a short to a medium length. However, this growth only occurs while sleeping, so it may not be as noticeable to someone who doesn’t pay close attention.

How to style your hair

In Project Zomboid, you can customize your look in several ways. Scissors will allow you to give your hair trim but remember you can only go shorter, if you want longer hair – you’ll have to wait for it to grow out.

Change Your Hair

Hairstyle Preview

Flat Top Bun LOb
Mohawk Flat Bob Over Left Eve
Mohawk spike Left Parting Cornrows
Mullet(Curly) Mohawk Short Long Center Parting
Top Curls Over Eye Bun(Curly)
Spike Center Parting Grungey
Buffont Lob(Curly) Longer Braids
Rachel (Curly’ PonyTail Eraids Right Parting
Braids Long (Curly) Buzz Cut
Greased Back Over Eye (Curly) Pulled Back
Spikes Crew Cut Mohawk Fan
Mohawk spike Long Braids Grungey Long
Rachel Mullet Short(Curly)
PonyTail Bob(Curly) Grungey Parted
Grungey Behind Ears Long Bald

Beards Preview

Chops Pointy Chin Long
Chinstrap Chin Goatee
Moustache Full Beard Scruffy

How to use hair dye to change your hair color.

There are 10 different colors of hair dye in Project Zomboid, and you can use it to change your hair color. The dye will stay in your hair even if you cut it, and it cannot be removed by washing. You can also use the dye to color your beard.

Right-click the hair dye, then select “Dye Hair

Dye Hair

How to apply makeup in Project Zomboid

There are three types of cosmetics in Project Zomboid: Lipstick, Eyes Makeup, and Foundation Makeup. All three require a nearby mirror to use. Lipstick allows you to change the color of your lips, Eyes Makeup allows you to apply eyeshadow or paints around the character’s eyes, and foundation allows the player to apply general face makeup or colors beneath the eyes.

Any of these cosmetics will allow the player to remove any makeup that is already applied. None of these styles confer any bonuses and are all merely cosmetic in nature.

Make Up

More Hairstyle Mod

Fluffy Hair Mod

If you’re looking for a mod which will add new adjusted hair models for the default hairs to keep their original shape when wearing something on the head, then this is the mod for you. It’s compatible with other mods and has been tested with game version 41.71 and Hosted Multiplayer.’

Spongie’s Hair

This mod adds 33 new hairstyles for both body types which support B41.71+. It also works in multiplayer and removes the issue where you cannot switch to certain hairstyles in-game.

Harry’s Hair

Simply Adds new hairstyles and natural hair colors. It also replaces the hair textures with one that cooperates with hair colors better. However, there are bound to be clipping issues with hat variations

Improved Hair Menu

This mod replaces the hairstyle dropdown with a 3D preview. It also works on the in-game haircut menu. Compatibility should be with any hair mods as long as they are in the dropdown.

Yaki’s Hair Salon

This mod adds 30 new hairstyles for women and men that are compatible with hats and bandanas. It is advised to use the base game version of this mod with another mod that changes hairstyles, such as Yaki’s Hair Retexture, to avoid conflicts.

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