How To Cure Depression And Boredom In Project Zomboid

What cause depression

Depression and boredom are two moods that are connected in Project Zomboid. This means that having one of these moods makes the player more likely to get the other.

Once a player has built up enough boredom(Bored), the unhappy stat begins to increase until it hits full-blown depression.

A character in the game Project Zomboid may become depressed if subjected to prolonged unhappiness, stress, or consuming certain food items.


What are the different stages of unhappiness?

MoodDescriptionTimed Action Penalty
Feeling a Little Sad“Find a way to raise your mood.”No effect yet.
Getting a tad weepy“Seek some excitement or human contact.”Slightly slower timed actions.
Depressed“Ravaged by mourning and desperation.”Minorly slower timed actions.
Severely Depressed“Find a way to forget reality.”Moderately slower timed actions.

The negative effects of depression in “Project Zomboid”

Depression in “Project Zomboid” has negative effects that can make everyday actions take longer. If a player is depressed, they may find it takes them longer to loot, pull out a weapon, or perform any other action.

How to cure boredom

Spending time outside( not in a structure ) can help reduce symptoms of boredom over time.

If you are experiencing panic levels greater than 5, Then the boredom will disappear immediately

For Multiplayer

Speaking in chat lowers the player’s boredom level, as well as when NPCs are in the game around you.

How to cure depression

One way to do this is to find positive stimuli, preparing meals with seasoning can help to elevate mood. For example, if the player finds food that tastes good, or spices up bland food with salt and other ingredients, this will improve their mood. Similarly, listening to music or watching TV can also be a form of entertainment that can help improve the player’s mood.

Planting some strawberries, Eating strawberries can reduce unhappiness by 10 points.

And finally, alcohol can also help reduce symptoms of depression.

However, reading one of Project Zomboid’s many in-game books is the most effective mood lifter. Players should keep an eye out for these books while they are scavenging for food.

Food list for reducing unhappiness

Canned Fruit Cocktail-10
Canned Peaches-10
Canned Pineapple-10
Bowl of Soup-20
Bowl of Stew-20
Bread Dough-20
Cake Preparation-20
Noodle Soup-20
Pie Preparation-20
Pot of Soup-20
Cake Slice-10
Hot Drink-10
Maple Syrup-20
Red Wine-20
White Wine-20
Beer Bottle-16
Beer Can-15
Hot Teacup-10
Juice Box-10
Orange Soda-10
Cold Cuppa-5
Hot Cuppa-5
Cake Slice-10
Carrot Cake Slice-10
Cheese Cake Slice-10
Chocolate Cookie-10
Fruit Muffin-10
Ice Cream-10
Ice Cream Cone-10
Mint Candy-10
Oatmeal Cookie-10
Raspberry Shortbread-10
Red Velvet Cake Slice-10
Shortbread Cookie-10
Strawberry Cake Slice-10
Black Forest Cake Slice-15
Chocolate Cake Slice-15
Chocolate Doughnut-15
Frosted Doughnut-15
Jelly Doughnut-15
Peanut Butter-15
Fruit Jam-10
Peanut Butter Sandwich-10

Literature list for reducing unhappiness, Boredom, Stress

LiteratureBoredom ChangeUnhappy ChangeStress Change
Comic Book-30-20-20

Curing depression with medication

Antidepressants as a way to fix depression quickly

“Project Zomboid” features antidepressants as a way to fix depression quickly. Players can find them in medicine cabinets and pharmacies. If they’re lucky, one will spawn from a dead zombie. Players should be wary that the effect isn’t immediate, it takes two in-game hours for the anti-depressants to take effect.


How to prevent depression in “Project Zomboid”

Another important thing to do is to keep an eye out for signs of depression. If the player notices that their character is starting to feel bored or unhappy, they should take steps to find something that will improve their mood.

Boredom Tweaks Mod

Boredom Tweaks is a mod that alters how boredom works in the game. It has been designed to make it easier to manage your mood while playing and to preserve the effects of chat and NPCs on reducing boredom.

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