“Normal Termination” Error

The issue of the game crashing and the message “normal Termination” popping up

Some players are reporting that the game crashes and the “normal Termination” message pops up. This appears to happen when hosting a server and may be related to insufficient RAM. Players on the public test branch have reported the same issue, but it has also been reported on the regular version of the game. If the game worked previously, it is recommended to check for any Java or Project Zomboid processes running in the task manager.

How to fix the “Server Has Stopped Launching” error

The “Server Has Stopped Launching” error is a common error that can occur when launching a ProjectZomboid server. This error is usually caused by a file being corrupted and can be fixed by removing the server’s map_t.bin file. (Backup First)

In some cases, the power going out can also cause this error.

If the server goes down, First, go to the %UserProfile%\Zomboid folder and check the coop_console.txt file for any clues. If you still can’t figure it out, try changing the ports. If that doesn’t work, restart your computer and see if that kills the process blocking the ports.

How to create a backup

You can copy and save your characters in multiplayer mode on Zomboid. The server map files are located in C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer.

There are two folders- servertest and servertest_player(servertest is your server name). The former contains the server map while the latter contains character files. If you’re testing out settings or something similar, you can back up these files so you don’t lose progress.

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