project zomboid battery charger how to use ?

Having trouble with charging a car battery in project zomboid? I have the battery in my main inventory and the charger on the floor inside, currently the charge is still on but I don’t get the charge option in the menu, what am I doing wrong?

Did i need a mechanics skill to use the battery charger?

No mechanics skills are required to use it. It is okay to leave the engine running if you will require more than a few minutes of electrical power, or you can charge the battery as long as you are in a location that has electricity.

How to connect the battery charger?

If it’s not connected, your battery will not be charged. Here’s how to connect the battery charger:

  1. Open up your main inventory and select the Car Battery Charger, Right Click the Car Battery Charger, then select “Place Battery Charger“, It will place the Car Battery Charger on the ground.
  2. Right Click on it to open up the menu, Select “Connect Car Battery”(if your battery is full, it won’t show up).
  3. Select the Battery that you wan to charge.(The Battery need to be in your main inventory)
  4. Right Click the Car Battery Charger and Select “Turn On”. (make sure there is electricity nearby )

What to do if the battery doesn’t charge?

If your battery is not charging, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, make sure the engine is running.

If you are using a car battery charger to charge your battery, make sure there is electricity power where your battery charger is located.

When the electricity is on you should put the car battery charger inside the Building!!

How to fix the condition of the battery?

Please note that the condition of the car battery and the remaining charge are different. A car battery charger will not improve the condition of the car battery.

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