Project Zomboid Eerie Country Map(removed)

EerieCountry Map

The territory is constantly expanding, which provides players with new opportunities to explore. The author has also made sure to create an environment that is both entertaining and informative. Police Station or Police Storage Locations(GRID) (811, 1744, ‘Eerie Country’), (817, 1745, ‘Eerie Country’), (841, 1725, ‘Eerie Country’), (833, 1732, ‘Eerie Country’), (821, 1737, ‘Eerie Country’), … Read more

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Project Zomboid West Point Expansion Map

WestPoinExpansion Map

If you’re tired of the vanilla feel of West Point and want more to scavenge, need a change of scenery, then this map-mod is for you! The addition of new buildings and a new town called Salt Ridge makes for a interesting and varied urban sprawl. Be sure to install the separate add-on for the … Read more

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Project Zomboid Fort Redstone Map

Fort Redstone A military base located northwest of Rosewood. It has several barracks, a vehicle hangar, supply bunkers, command centers, and an ammunition dump, all surrounded by a fence. The front entrance now requires a sledgehammer to gain vehicle access, but there is a rear vehicle access through the forest that doesn’t require one. To … Read more

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Project Zomboid Bedford Falls Map

BedfordFalss map

BedfordFalls So overall this map is good but has some problems with it but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy playing it. I think it’s a great map to play if you’re a fan of community maps because it has a lot of them. Also, the layout is really good and the safe houses are … Read more

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Project Zomboid: Raven Creek Online Interactive Map

Project Zomboid: Raven Creek Online Map is a map that can be used to help you find your way around the game world of Project Zomboid. The map shows the in-game world as it would look from a bird’s eye view, and includes icons for important locations such as safe houses, resources, and zombies. The … Read more