The Le Gourmet Revolution Mod

This mod is essential for any fan of cooking or farming in Project Zomboid. It adds a lot of new content and features to the game, making it an essential part of your survival kit. Not only does it add new cooking recipes and tools, but it also adds new ways to make and hunt food, as well as new drinks and drinks recipes.

If you’re into fishing, this mod is a must have. It adds new fish to the game, as well as new mechanics and features to the fishing system.

And if you’re into hunting, you’ll love this mod. It adds a whole new layer of complexity and depth to the hunting system, making it a lot more fun and rewarding.

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Farming in this mod is pretty similar to the farming that is currently in project zomboid however there are a few additions that come with this mod. 

You need to read seed packets to learn how to plant each type of seed. Fruit trees can be planted by using special seeds. These trees take about six months to grow and, after harvesting, can provide fruit every month. A seed book is included to help identify unknown seeds when foraging.



One of the most popular features of le gourmet revolution is the addition of hunting. With this mod, you can hunt animals for food. You can use a slingshot to shoot them, or you can use a rifle. You can only have one successful hunting per day with the rifle, and the experience you gain from a successful hunt decreases if you use a rifle.

To successfully hunt an animal with slingshot, you must first equip your slingshot and binoculars, as well as some small stone in your inventory. You can use a hammer to smash stone or chipped stone into small stones.

Next, find a large tree and right-click on it; this will prompt you to “watch tree 100% full.” Once you left-click to begin watching the tree, a picture will pop up of either nature or an animal.

If there is an animal in the picture, hit “yes” to attempt to hunt it. If successful, the animal’s body will be at the base of the tree you clicked on. If not successful, the “shoot a stone?” prompt will appear; simply left-click the tree to re-search it for more animals to hunt.

You can also use a hunting rifle(Tested with MSR788) with 4x or higher scope (use a screwdiver to attach) to hunt larger animals in foraing areas. You can only do this if the Hunting zone is 100% amount. The chance of finding an animal depends on your foraging skill, and the chance of hitting it depends on your aiming skill and the type of Scope you’re using.

Hunting Method Table
Hunting Method Table

If you hit the animal, it will make a noise that will attract zombies from around the area. The range and volume of the noise will depend on the type of animal you’re hunting.

If the animals are large, you can use 4 ropes to tie it up and make it easier to move.


Traps are a key part of hunting larger animals. Hunting Card allow hunters to see the information with probabilities of each animal in this trapping system, which makes it easier to target and capture prey.


The fishing system in Le Gourmet Revolution is much more complex than the standard fishing system in Project Zomboid.

The fishing system in this game has been completely revamped, with new sounds and catch rates that are governed by the weather. You can get fishing data by observing the weather if you are skilled enough, and by reading the sport fishing book you can throw the fish back to the water to get fishing xp as long as the fish is alive.

There is also a new category of fish, called Trophy fish, which have a very low probability of being caught. In addition, the game has new fishing tackle and Fishing Encyclopedias that can be used to unlock information on fishing tackle.


Cooking is a big part of the game in Project Zomboid, and this mod adds a lot of new items and mechanics to the game to make cooking easier and more fun. You can make cheese, hot dogs, and other food items, and there are new drinks and cocktails added as well.

From Cooking level 4, players will be able to see in the tooltip of each food its status, which will be extremely useful in determining which foods are worth preparing. Additionally, at Cooking level 10, players will gain the Nutritionist trait, which will further improve their ability to prepare nutritious meals.

These new foods and drinks are sure to provide a much needed boost to any player’s diet.


This mod introduces several new construction objects that can be used to create various new items and objects.

The first new construction object is the cane wall. Cane walls can be created by planting cane or by foraging for green cane and then drying it on a cane stand. Cane walls can be used to create advanced frames, which are used to build the cane walls in phases.

The second new construction object is the cheese table. Cheese tables are essential for the manufacture of all the cheeses of the base game.

The third new construction object is the hunting trophy. Hunting trophies are created by depositing animal heads that have been obtained from hunting.

The fourth new construction object is the tanner. Tanners are used for the treatment of animal skin to create carpets and coats.

Weather and Campfire:

The weather system in this mod is very detailed and realistic. You can observe the weather conditions by right-clicking on the windows or any where on the screen(while you are outside), and get detailed information about the weather conditions if you read the Climatology magazine. You can also use a magnifying glass to light fires, as long as the Campfire has fuel and it is not cloudy.


If you have a pair of scissors in your inventory or backpack, you can fray garments to obtain pieces of fine thread or string. With these, you can then manufacture thread or string reels, which is the basis for sewing. With enough practice, you can become quite skilled in sewing, and can even make ropes!


Q: Will this mod work with Brita’s weapons pack?

A: It shouldn’t cause any issues as it doesn’t add any weapons of its own.

Q: Do I need to start a new game to get this mod working?

A: Yes, you usually need to start a new game with mods.