Quick level up aiming in project zomboid

In Project Zomboid, your Hit Rate is extremely important. It is the rate which determines how often your bullets will hit a zombie. It is directly related to your Shooting/Aiming level. Your shooting level increases when your bullets successfully hit a zombie. Due to the low initial hit rates and difficulty in leveling up, most players find the use of firearms to be arduous. In this guide, I will explain effective methods of Gun Training in Project Zomboid. This will help you level up much faster!

Project Zomboid Practical Gun Training Method

  • Using Shotguns

At the initial level of 0, the hit rate of all weapons is 20% by default. Shotguns are the only exception to this. Furthermore, de-buffs caused by “Moodles” such as “Stress” make gun training extremely difficult. Due to this, it is ideal to use a shotgun in early stages. Its initial hit rate is 70% and you can target multiple zombies. The shotgun can have a maximum of 4 targets. 

  • Targeting Small Groups of Zombies

You might be eager to take on a horde of zombies in order to level up your shooting rapidly. I recommend you don’t do this. Instead, target smaller groups of zombies. The hit rate will still be acceptable and it will be much easier to manage. 

  • Build an Safe Area

If you are patient, you can employ another tactic to increase your shooting level. This requires Carpentry level 3. You can use Wooden Crate and Wooden Fence to set up a “Safe Area”. Zombies will not be attracted to you if you are in a safe area. Now, attract zombies by press “Q” and shooting. You can practice this with “Spray Guns” to increase your shooting level faster. However, it is recommended that you consume “Beta Blockers” while using this strategy because your character will become frightened when the zombies approach him. This causes the stress de-buff to build up. This will decrease your hit rate significantly, making it harder for you to increase your shooting level.

Safe Area