where to find rope(not sheet) in project zomboid

Ropes can bundling logs to save time on transport , but it is hard to find.

Where can I find the rope?

General hardware store will have rope, a hardware store only has about one or two, the fire truck on the road may also have ropes

  1. Newton Freight Warehouse (South of the army surplus store) 
  2. The storage buildings south of the Newton Freight Warehouse across the road
  3. Army surplus ,directly west of the Expo in Lousville, which is at the far north of Lousville. You’ll find it in the middle of a group of black industrial buildings.
LocationQuantityContainerSpawn Change
all Areas0 to 1crate1%
all Areas0 to 4metal_shelves3%
Bag_InmateEscapedBag Areas0 to 1items50%
ToolsCache1 Areas0 to 4Bag_DuffelBagTINT40%
ToolsCache1 Areas0 to 4counter40%
ToolsCache1 Areas0 to 4ToolsBox40%
army surplus Areas0 to 4counter32%
army surplus Areas0 to 4metal_shelves32%
army surplus Areas0 to 4shelves32%
tool store Areas0 to 4counter32%
tool store Areas0 to 4shelves32%

Hardware Store Locations In Project Zomboid

Army Surplus Location

Can i craft ropes?

You may need install mod to make ropes, such as : TMG Wants Rope! or Bejasc’s Simple Rope 1.1