How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep In Project Zomboid

Zombie apocalypse survival game Project Zomboid has a new sleep mechanic that allows players to get some much-needed rest. The game’s developers say the sleep mechanic is designed to add an extra layer of realism and challenge to the game, and to give players a break from the constant stress of survival. However, it also means that players must be even more strategic about when and where they choose to rest.

How long do survivors need to sleep for

Your character needs to sleep for at least 6–8 hours every day or they’ll start to experience fatigue. If a player goes without sleep for too long, they’ll eventually pass out.

Sleeping under a low-quality bed will wake the player up more often, whereas sleeping under a high-quality bed will allow the player to sleep for longer periods of time without interruption.

Stress and pain can also affect how long a player needs to sleep. if a player is heavily stressed, they may need more sleep than usual. If a player is in pain, they may find it difficult to fall or stay asleep.

The player will wake up after a maximum of 16 hours, even if they aren’t fully rested. While sleeping, time will fast forward until the player wakes up.

How sleep works in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, sleep is a very important part of keeping your character healthy. Without enough sleep, your character will move more slowly, be less careful, and have less accuracy with weapons.

To sleep in Project Zomboid, you must find a piece of furniture to sleep on such as a bed or sofa. Some furniture is better than others for sleeping but any furniture will do. Once you’ve found a piece of furniture to sleep on, simply click on it and select the “Sleep” option from the menu. Depending on how long you’ve been awake, you may need to sleep for several hours to fully recover.

When sleeping, your character will be vulnerable to attack from zombies. It is important to be aware of your surroundings when choosing a place to sleep.

The Sleepyhead and Wakeful trait

The Sleepyhead trait results in a character sleeping for 12 hours per day, while the Wakeful trait means a character will only sleep for 6 hours per day.

Experiencing too much pain to sleep? How to sleep while in pain in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, it is possible to sleep while in pain by using pain killers to lower the character’s current pain level.

sleeping pills and alcohol

Players may be unable to sleep in-game due to pain and other factors, but drinking beer, wine, or bourdon can help reduce those factors and make you drowsy enough to sleep. However, you can die if you take too many sleeping pills.

How sleep works in multiplayer

Sleep in multiplayer mode works by fast-forwarding the game time when all players are sleeping.

To allow players to sleep at the same time and fast forward the game. You must go to the Admin Panel and find the settings “Sleep allowed” and “Sleep needed”. Once these settings are activated, the player must reboot the server.

Server Settings For Sleep

Once these are enabled, the game will automatically fast forward when all players are sleeping.


Although the sleep mechanic in Project Zomboid can be challenging, it is a great way to add realism and challenge to the game. Players must be strategic about when and where they choose to rest and be careful not to take too many sleeping pills or they could die. In multiplayer mode, the game will automatically fast forward when all players are sleeping.

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