Where to Find a Military Backpack in Project Zomboid?

Backpacks are single-handedly one of the most important items in Project Zomboid. You can carry them around and store items without having to place it on the ground. Different types of backpacks have different carrying capacities. Military Backpacks are the best in this category. They offer the highest Carry Weight and Weight Reduction in the game.

The “Military Backpack” has a Capacity of 36 and Weight Reduction of 86(With Organized Traits enabled). This makes it the best backpack. At least in the original version of the game. However, the Military Backpack is very rare. A “Large Backpack” can be a substitute for it. There is no shortage in their supply till late game. But they’re not as good. This begs the question. Is it possible to obtain a Military Backpack in the early stage of the game? Well, yes there is and I’m here to explain it!

Killing Zombies

The best way to find one is to kill military zombies. These can be found in “Military Areas” at the following Location

The Location to find Military Backpack:

  • Rosewood Prison
  • Military Zones
  • Military Base
  • Louisville Entrance to The City
  • Near the Scrap Car Complex

I will explain their locations to make it easier for you!

Rosewood Prison

The Rosewood Prison is located in the western part of Rosewood. To see it, open your map. It will be present at the lower left. This is the easiest area to reach in this list. You should find a car along the main road. This will help you reach it faster. 

Military Zones

There are three military zones in the game but I will only talk about two. The third one is far away and not useful.

  • The First Military Area 

However, zombies are hardly present here. Even ordinary zombies tend to be rare, let alone military ones. The chance of finding a “Military Backpack” here is less than 1%. So, it is best not to get your hopes up. It will be very hard for this area to have the backpack.

  • The Second Military Area

The First Military Area is in the lower right corner of Rosewood. It is next to the “Food Warehouse”. The lockers in this area do not have anything useful. This area has a low chance of having the backpack. But it is located next to a Food Warehouse. You can collect important things from here. In this way, this area can be very useful for you. However, it is not a good place to look for your Military Backpack. You can skip it if you want.

The Rosewood Military Area is the only one in the 41.65 version of the game with a locker having military equipment. In my 300 hours of playing this game, I have only come across here, in terms of a Military Backpack, twice. That rate is like a Lottery!

Military Base

So Many Military Backpacks

This is widely regarded to as the “Original Military Base”. To survive here, you must be well-prepared. It contains a lot of high-level zombies so it will be hard. If you do not prepare well, you will be eaten by the zombies easily! You should spend one day making coffee and tea along with food and weapons to help you survive.

You can get at least 2 military bags and a lot of camouflage uniforms from here. For your strategy, drive directly to the back door. Try not to be reckless and don’t get too cocky!

Louisville Entrance

The Louisville Entrance does not contain many zombies. Still, you can sometimes find them together in groups from small to large. The terrain here is also very spacious. This makes roundabout tactics difficult. Nevertheless, the location is still worth mentioning because it contains some of the most valuable warehouses in the game. Unlike the Military Base, the environment here makes the use of a car very convenient.

Army camp set up on the main road.

These areas not only contain military zombies but can also have military packages. Although the drop rate in these packages isn’t stable.


The Louisville Army Store almost always contain a Military Backpack but it is located at the upper right corner of the map. Halfway through the game, you will have found several large backpacks. At that point, there is no need to push yourself into the devil’s den for a Military Backpack.

To sum up, you can take

  • Spawn in Muldraugh: go directly to the entrance of Louisville
  • Spawn in Rosewood: go directly to the Rosewood Prison and the First Military Area