What causes wetness and how to get rid of it in project zomboid

The different stages of wetness and what they mean for the character

The character will be wet due to rain, sweating, or exertion. It can increase the risk of the character getting a cold, And the Outdoorsman and Resilient traits reduce the chances of catching a cold in these cases.

DampThe character is slightly wet from being in the rain for too long, or from overexertion. No effects yet.Occurs at 15% total body wetness.
WetThe character is somewhat wet from being in the rain for too long, or from overexertion.Occurs at 40% total body wetness.
SoakingThe character is quite wet from being in the rain for too long, or from overexertion, and may become sick as a result.Occurs at 70% total body wetness.
DrenchedThe character is very wet from being in the rain for too long, or from overexertion, and is likely to become sick as a result.Occurs at 90% total body wetness.

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How to get rid of the wetness moodle

If the character is only slightly wet, they can wait for the wetness to dissipate on its own. If the character is wet, they can try to dry off by standing near a heat source or using a towel. If the character is soaking or drenched, they should go indoors and out of the rain, and try to dry off as much as possible. If they are unable to do so, they may catch a cold.

What clothes offer protection from the rain

Ponchos(Mod), rain jackets, and other waterproof clothing will help keep you dry in the rain.

Towels can be used to dry off if you get wet.

The Outdoor trait will help you withstand the elements better.

What is sweating?

Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling itself down. When you sweat, your body releases water and salt through your pores. This helps to regulate your body temperature and keep you from overheating.

What causes sweating?

Sweating can be a problem when you are wearing heavy clothing or working out, as it can make you wet and cold.

The effects of wearing wet clothes

Wet clothes have decreased insulation, which makes getting cold more likely.

How to dry your clothing

The different ways to dry your clothing in the game are:

  • letting them dry passively
  • using a clothes dryer

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