Project Zomboid: The Top 7 Most Insane Exploits You Need to Know About

There are a few ways to exploit the game mechanics in order to gain experience quickly or get unlimited supplies of items.

1. How television can be used to cheat the system and gain experience

How television can be used to exploit the game mechanics to gain experience quickly? By leaving and rejoining the server, you can watch the same VHS tape multiple times, granting you a large amount of experience in a short period. As a result, I have become one of the best chefs in the game.

2. Duplicate items for free.

To do this, two people are needed. One person drops an item on the ground, Then both people count to three at the same time. And on the count of three, they pick up the item at the same time. Due to server lag, this causes the item is duplicated. You can use this method to have unlimited supplies

3. Use a car and Molotov cocktails to take down a horde.

how to do this? Parking the car close to a wall so that the zombies cannot reach the driver. When the zombies come close, Open the window and throws a Molotov cocktail at them, The zombies are then cooked by the fire.

Car close to a wall

4. Use Gray Cubicle to get loot without opening the door.

In the game, there is a way to get loot without actually opening the door. To do this, simply choose any office building that might have these Gray Cubicles. Then, select a door that separates you from a potential loot source, such as an armory or police station. Gray Cubicle can be used to get loot without opening the door. Press Shift to run through the door.

Gray Cubicle

5. Build a base in the middle of a lake or river.

How to build a base in the middle of a lake or river. First, you build a ladder to the entrance of the base and then add a corridor. To make the base more secure, you add fences and ropes at the exits. Finally, you destroy the ladder that was built at the beginning. This hack is useful for making an impenetrable base.

6. Surround your base with fences to create an impenetrable barrier.

To create an impenetrable defense against zombies, you can build some boxes and surround them with fences. The boxes must be surrounded by fences, as this will prevent the zombies from being able to find a way around the obstacle.


7. Put ladders close together to create a barrier the zombies can’t climb.

Put ladders close together to create a barrier that the zombies can’t climb. However, you need to be careful that the second ladder is built behind the first, otherwise, there will be a gap that the zombies can exploit. Even though this barrier may seem insurmountable, it is important to remember that the zombies can still jump from the first ladder to the second, so this defense is not foolproof.


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