molotov cocktail project zomboid

Molotov cocktails are a popular form of improvised explosive device that use fire to propel a liquid explosive. in project zomboid molotov cocktails are a weapon that does not cause direct damage but spreads fire around the point of impact within four tiles.

How to make a Molotov Cocktail in Project Zomboid?

In order to create Molotov Cocktail you need :
-One bottle bourbon.
-One ripped sheet or an empty bottle ripped sheet.
-One can of gas.

make a Molotov Cocktail

Can you light a Molotov with matches in project zomboid?

In general, however, it is possible to light a Molotov cocktail with matches, But in project zomboid? you may need to use a lighter instead of a match, you need to equip it in the primary slot and equip a lighter in the secondary slot matches will not work.

Light a molotov cocktail in project zomboid with matches

It has been discovered that the Molotov cocktails in Project Zomboid do not work. This was brought to the attention of the us by a player on the game’s forums. The problem is that when you try to light a Molotov with match, it didn’t work. Odd that the Wiki mentions you can. Again, not sure if it’s a bug, or if the wiki, and google is incorrect..

project zomboid can’t craft molotov

The issue was posting under the name “Hazardous Harry”, the player said: “I’ve been trying to make Molotovs and I have all of the components but when I try to make it, it says I don’t have a bottle. Am I doing something wrong?”

Another player responded to Hazardous Harry confirming that those are wine bottles in the crafting menu. So it’s either an empty wine bottle or an empty bourbon bottle.

There are two wine bottles, because there is red wine and white wine.

project zomboid molotov in rain

The fire created by the Molotov can be used to light things on fire, including zombies. However, it’s important to note that rain will put out fires, so it’s best to avoid using them in wet or humid environments.