project zomboid items disappearing when dropped

A bug caused by mods that makes items disappear when they are dropped on the floor

A bug in the game is causing items to disappear when they are dropped on the floor, and this is especially an issue with mods. Players are losing valuable items, and the bug is causing frustration. The bug is caused by one or more mods, and the only way to fix it is to figure out which mod is causing the problem and remove it.

What causes the bug?

Some players are reporting that their items are disappearing when they drop them on the floor. This appears to be caused by mods which aren’t updated and replace the files associated with the inventory panels. Make sure to check that your mods are 41 MP compatible before subscribing to them. This worked for me!

How to fix the bug?

This affects all items, including vanilla items. However, trading, placing, and storing items are all retained and not deleted. It is not known exactly what is causing this bug, but it may be related to the britas pack. If you update to the latest version of the pack, it should fix the issue completely.

What mods could be causing this problem?

This appears to be a bug caused by mods, and players are advised to disable some of their mods to see if this fixes the problem. If the problem persists, it may be caused by the game itself, in which case there is not much that can be done. It seems that the problem may be caused by the armor pack mod, or possibly by Paw Low’s Loot. It’s not clear why this is happening on the vanilla side, but it appears that setting the value to 0 in sandbox mode may fix the issue.

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