How to Make and Use Pipe bombs in Project Zomboid

Pipe bombs are extremely useful for both dealing damages to groups of zombies and for creating a distraction. The loud explosion will attract zombies from all around, giving you time to either escape or prepare for an incoming horde. The fires will also help to keep zombies at bay, giving you a chance to either get away or fight back.

Table of Contents

Hot to Make

Pipe bombs can only be created by engineers. In order to make a pipe bomb, you will need:

  • 3 Scrap Electronics
  • 1 Metal Pipe
  • Gunpowder (20 units)
  • Twine (1 unit)
  • Saw
Make Pipe Bomb

Once you have all the materials you need, open the crafting menu and make a pipe bomb.

Pipe bombs can be equipped with a timer, motion sensor, or crafted trigger for a variety of effects. Timers will cause the pipe bomb to explode after a set amount of time, while motion sensors will cause the pipe bomb to explode when movement is detected. Crafted triggers can be used to create a variety of effects, such as remote detonation or explosive traps.

How to use

Pipe bombs are most effective when used against groups of zombies. The explosion will push them back, cause them minor damage, and start them on fire.

When used against a player, the pipe bomb will cause burns, lacerations, and potentially crippling injuries. If the player survives, they will be effectively crippled for a while.

Pipe bombs can be thrown by hand(Equip the pipe bomb on your Primary Hand. Then, press and hold the right mouse button to aim. Left-click to throw it.), or attached to a timer, motion sensor, or remote detonator for a variety of effects.