How to build a wooden wall in project zomboid

Build a wooden frame

building a wooden wall in the game requires the player to equip a hammer and build a wooden frame first. they can then upgrade the frame with extra wood and nails if they desire.

To construct a wooden frame, a player would require carpentry level 2, 2 Planks, and 2Nails.

Right-clicking on the floor, Carpentry–>Wall–>Wooden Wall Frame

Wooden Wall And Frame

Upgrade a wooden frame to a wall

To build a wooden wall, the player must have a hammer, 4 nails, and 2 wooden planks in their inventory. Right-clicking on the wooden frame with these items will let you upgrade the frame to a level 1 wall.

Upgrading the wall to a higher level will require more planks and nails.

How to upgrade a wooden wall

Note: The amount of wood and nails required increases at each level, as does the health of the wall. To upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2, or Level 2 to 3 it would cost 1 plank and 4 nails.

Right-clicking on the wall, then select **Upgrade to Wooden Wall Lvl x **

Wooden Wall

The different levels of wooden walls

Wall LevelCost (Planks)Cost (Nails)HealthCarpentry Level

The benefits of building a wooden wall

Wooden walls provide a great way to fortify a structure or create obstacles against zombies, as they are much cheaper and easier to build than iron walls. The purpose of a wooden wall is to provide shelter or to expand an existing shelter.

How to destroy a wall

A wall can be quickly destroyed by a sledgehammer.

How can I get a lot of wood quickly?

If you need wood fast, the best way is to get a car with a big trunk, a saw, and a Fire Axe or Wood Axe. Drive out to the middle of forests, cut trees, saw logs, and load planks into the trunk. Repeat as needed.

The point of building walls is to keep zombies out and give you time to engage or flee

The point of building walls in the game is to keep zombies from getting through and to give you time to either engage them or flee. Building structures is the best way to keep zombies out, and it’s also helpful in giving you time to react to them. Walls break the line of sight, so they are good for hiding from zombies. They also act as a barrier when trying to escape. Fortified windows and doors can help keep zombies from getting into your home, but they will still try to break through if they see you. If you leave your home open, zombies will flow right through. You may have to deal with a straggler occasionally, but it is not a difficult fight.

Providing 100% impenetrable walls that zombies don’t attempt to break

Surround your base with fences to create an impenetrable barrier.

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