How to Attach a Secondary Bag to Your Backpack in Authentic Z

Authentic Z is a personal modding project that began in late 2020 with the goal of adding new, high-quality clothing items to the game that are inspired by real-world fashion. To accomplish this, the mod’s creator, Azakaela, learned 3D modeling and began creating custom art assets.

The mod has added a variety of new clothing items to the game, including cultist zombie outfits and other Halloween-themed items. It also changes the way clothing works by implementing a recipe system that allows players to craft new items from base game assets. This gives them more control over their character’s appearance.

How to attach a secondary bag

One of Authentic Z’s main features is backpack attachments, which can be upgraded through three tiers to add more attachment slots. These can be used to carry water bottles, tools, and even a Spiffo teddy on their back.

Tier1, Tire2, Tire3

To attach a secondary bag to your player character, you can use a carabiner. To craft a carabiner, you need 5x paper clips. There are many types of attachable bags that can be extremely useful in a variety of situations. For example, you can attach a toolbox, tote bag, or even a plastic bag to your backpack, keeping all of your belongings close at hand.

Make Carabiner Clip
Make Secondary Bag

In terms of weight, you’re not gaining anything by attaching a secondary bag. However, it can be useful as an organizational tool. You can keep all the pills/first aid/small tools in there (like lighters, and pens). This keeps your main bag clean and easier to keep track of if you ever need to temporarily empty your main bag for whatever reason.


Authentic Z Hit-list

The “Hit List” for Authentic Z is a unique feature that adds a variety of different zombies to the game, each with its own rare items that can be looted. The player must carefully kill the zombies to preserve the integrity of the rare items. There are a total of 808 different items that can be found in the game, though not all of them are available at all times.


You can craft each hit list with comic books, magazines, scissors, sheet of paper, and crayons.

The Authentic Z mod adds hundreds of new clothing items and zombie outfits, as well as new versions of existing items. It also adds the ability to modify player characters’ appearances. The mod features a variety of new zombie types, each with its unique outfit and items. There are over 140 custom outfits in the game, ranging from iconic George Romero-Esque zombies to more modern Hazmat zombies.

Overall, Authentic Z is an ambitious modding project that is constantly evolving. It adds a significant amount of new content to the game and changes the way players can interact with clothing items.

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