Soft Reset a Project Zomboid server

What does a soft reset do in Project Zomboid

A soft reset on a Project Zomboid server deletes all progress made in the world up to that point but leaves the world file intact. This can be useful for starting over without having to delete the entire world. However, it is important to understand what a soft reset does before doing one, as it is possible to accidentally lose all progress made in the world.

project zomboid soft reset terminated

Clicking the “SOFT REST” button on the Host Game screen will result in a “Server has stopped during launch (NormalTermination)” error message appearing in-game. However, It seems that the entire reset process has been completed successfully.

Tips for resetting date on the server

  1. A soft reset is a way to mix things up in your world or server without completely deleting them.
  2. When you perform a soft reset, it will delete all items from containers and on the ground, as well as all the zombies and Safehouses.
  3. It will also reset all the spawn points. The only things that will remain are the map and the buildings.
  4. If you have a server, performing a soft reset will also delete any mod settings that you have selected.
  5. Backing up files before a soft reset is a good idea, as it can save you a lot of time if something goes wrong. To do this, simply take all the zombies_XXXX.bin files that you backed up earlier and move them to the folder where your want to backup. This will ensure that your data is not lost if something goes wrong during the reset process.

How to soft reset a server

Simple Click the “SOFT RESET ” Button on the HOST GAME screen.


Soft-resetting the server does all these things:

Keeps buildings and constructions. Removes items from containers and on the ground. Removes corpses, zombies, and zombified players. Removes blood spatter. Resets the game clock. Resets building alarms.

How to respawn vehicles in multiplayer map without restarting progress

In the game console, type “/setaccesslevel job admin” Set player job(Steam ID) to admin. Then, type “/addvehicle VanAmbulance 1,1,1” to generate an ambulance to the coordinates X1,Y1,Z1.

Spawn Vehicle

More Project Zomboid Administrator command

Soft resetting will not affect vehicle positions or anything else at your base. However, if you add mods that add new vehicles or trailers, those will only populate in map chunks that have not been visited already.

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