Project Zomboid: laser on a gun

The benefits of using a laser on a gun

The “Laser” is a WeaponPart that can be used to upgrade a firearm in the game “Project Zomboid”. This particular part is used to mount a laser onto a pistol and provides several benefits to the user.


First, the laser increases the hit chance of the weapon by 5%. This makes it more likely that the user will hit their target when using the weapon. Additionally, the laser increases the weight of the weapon by 0.2.

How to activate a laser on a gun

There are no visual effects when you attach a laser to a gun.

How to attach a laser to a pistol in Project Zomboid

To attach a laser to a pistol in Project Zomboid, the player will need to use a screwdriver. Once the laser is attached, it will help improve the accuracy of the pistol.

The compatible weapons that can have a laser attached to them in Project Zomboid

Can be mounted on M9 Pistol, M1911 Pistol, D-E Pistol, M16 Assault Rifle, and M14 Rifle.

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