Boost Your Accuracy with a Laser Attachment in Project Zomboid

In the game Project Zomboid, the “Laser” is a WeaponPart that can be used to upgrade a firearm. This particular part is used to mount a laser onto a pistol and provides several benefits to the user.

First and foremost, the laser increases the hit chance of the weapon by 5%. This makes it more likely that the user will hit their target when using the weapon. Additionally, the laser increases the weight of the weapon by 0.2.


While there are no visual effects when you attach a laser to a gun, the benefits of doing so are clear. The increased hit chance and weight of the weapon make it a valuable addition for any player looking to improve their combat skills in Project Zomboid.

So, how do you attach a laser to a pistol in the game? It’s actually quite simple. All you need is a screwdriver. Once the laser is attached, it will help improve the accuracy of the pistol.

But which weapons are compatible with the laser in Project Zomboid? The laser can be mounted on the M9 Pistol, M1911 Pistol, D-E Pistol, M16 Assault Rifle, and M14 Rifle. So, if you have any of these weapons in your arsenal, you can take advantage of the benefits of the laser.

In conclusion, the laser is a useful WeaponPart that can be used to upgrade a firearm in Project Zomboid. It increases the hit chance and weight of the weapon, and can be attached to a variety of different firearms using a screwdriver. If you want to improve your combat skills in the game, consider attaching a laser to your pistol or rifle.

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