Project Zomboid Controls: Keyboard And Controller

Project Zomboid is a game all about survival, and one of the key elements to surviving is having good control over your character. In this post, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to maintain good control over your Project Zomboid character.

For Keyboard:

  • pressing k will show you the fps in the upper left corner.
  • pressing escape will cancel any action you’re currently doing.
  • pressing v will open the vehicle menu or hide the gui.
  • pressing v will also toggle the hud.
  • pressing c will crouch or go into sneak mode.
  • pressing f will activate or deactivate the held light source or equip a light source if one is not equipped.
  • you can hold f to open the radial menu and choose from different light sources in your inventory. this will also toggle the vehicle headlights.
  • pressing o opens the vehicle heater.
  • pressing r will reload a gun or you can hold it to bring up the weapon interaction menu.
  • pressing x is to rack and unjam a firearm.
  • pressing I will toggle inventory, you can hide it and pop it back
  • M opens the map spacebar while driving.
  • Z opens the switch seat menu while driving.
  • H is the health bar.
  • J is the info panel.
  • L is the skills panel and B is the crafting panel.
  • F1 toggles the survival guide and F2 up to F6 is time skipping and time pause.
  • pressing end which is above your arrow keys toggles the search mode.
  • pressing p will toggle the protection panel.
  • pressing g will toggle pvp in multiplayer.

For Controller:


In order to control your character, you will need to use the left stick to move around and the directional pad to navigate menus. The right stick can be used to perform sneak and aim functions as well as to interact with objects in the game world.

The primary button is the A button and is used for interaction with world objects, such as opening doors and windows. The secondary button is the B button and is used for interaction with world objects, such as smashing windows and climbing over fences.

The left bumper is used to navigate through player inventory tabs and the right bumper is used to navigate through container inventory tabs. The left trigger is used to shove/stomp and the right trigger is used to fire/attack. The “Back” button is used to display the radial menu. The “Left stick” can be moved to select options and the “Right stick” can be used to select the option.

Keyboard vs Controller:

The controller has its pros and cons, but in the end it’s an advantage to have. The biggest pro is the open keybind and climb keybind are separate, making it easier to use. The speed difference in activating climbing is amazing. You also get true analog movement instead of cardinal directions on the keyboard.

The con is that inventory management is poor. You can’t quickly scroll and grab one item out of a fully packed crate while moving with the stick.

Aiming with the stick is not the lack of the isometric aiming cursor means lots of misses on knocked over zombies until you get used to it. It also gets very finicky when trying to select a specific container to loot.

However, the pros make up for these problems.


Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference as to which control scheme is better for you. However, we hope that our tips and tricks will help give you a good start.