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How to cheat in Project Zomboid

-Debug mode allows players to see extra information about the game, including FPS and memory usage.

-Enabling mods allows players to use custom content created by other players.

-Using cheat engine allows players to change game values such as health and damage.

-Cheat engine can also be used to spawn items and enemies.


To cheat in Project Zomboid, players will have to set a certain launch option before starting the game. To enter console commands, the player is able to type the console codes directly into the in-game chat. To open up this in-game chat, players press the T key on their keyboard. Once this part of the UI is opened up, the admin can input their console commands.


Project Zomboid is a game that can be cheated by using Cheat Engine. To enable cheats in the game, players must add a launch option to the game via the Steam client.

Cheat Engine tables for Project Zomboid

Some users have found success using Cheat Engine with Project Zomboid, though others have not. It is speculated that the game’s values may be constantly changing, making it difficult to use Cheat Engine effectively. There are a few tables available for Project Zomboid already, but they may not be very useful if the values are constantly changing. There is no cheat menu in the game by default, but it is possible to cheat by setting a certain launch option before starting the game.

How to enable debug in Project Zomboid

The Project Zomboid cheats menu can be enabled by adding a launch option to the game with the Steam client.(add the -debug launch parameter to the game prior to booting) Once enabled, the bug icon on the left side of the UI will allow players to edit values, turn on/off cheats, and more.

Debug Menu

Does Project Zomboid have a creative mode

Project Zomboid is a zombie survival role-playing game that is getting a new Creative Mode. This mode is designed to help players build maps for the game faster than they have been able to in the past. In essence, it lets you edit the map in any way you can imagine.

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