Project Zomboid Antique Stove Locations and Usage Guide

Project Zomboid is an open-world survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world where the player controls a character who has to find food, shelter, and other supplies to survive. The game features antique stoves which can be used for cooking or starting fires.

Where to Find an antique oven?

In project zomboid, the player can find antique ovens in cabins.

Location of antique ovens in Louisville

Grid(1338, 236)

Louisville Map

Location of antique ovens in muldraugh

Grid(1074, 984)

Muldraugh Map

Location of antique ovens in west point

Grid(1018, 676)

WestPoint Map

Other Location

The Cabin in the woods sits on the way to Pony Roam O and is probably the easiest one to get to from Riverside.
There are 2 antique stoves here

Antique oven weight

The oven’s weight is around 40, and the maximum inventory a player can carry is 50. This means that players need to have less than 10 in their inventory to pick up the oven.

How to pick up an antique oven

Some things to keep in mind when picking up an oven: Ovens can weigh a lot, so be sure to move them with care

You can pick up an antique oven by finding the pick-up option at the top left of your screen and then hovering over the oven you wish to pick up.

Can you cook in an antique oven?

Whether or not it is possible to cook in an antique oven in project zomboid? Yes, these ovens are safe to use, but they are not as effective at starting fires as regular ovens. We also suggest that wood or branches be used as fuel for the stove, as this will be more effective than using zombie clothes.

How do you light the antique oven?

These ovens require wood to be added as fuel, and the player must use a lighter to start the fire. Once the fire is started, the oven will begin to heat up.

Can antique ovens start fires?

Can antique ovens start fires? Many people wonder if it is safe to use an antique oven as a heat source, especially if the oven is located inside a home. The answer is no, antique ovens are perfectly safe and will not start a fire. You can even use them to warm up a room during winter. While regular ovens may start a fire, antique ovens will not.

Antique oven fuel

Wood is the most effective fuel for the antique oven, but it is not viable to keep the oven burning 24/7. Zombie clothes can be used for fuel, but their fuel value is low, so it is not worth the time to loot them and add them to the stove. To start a fire in the antique oven, the player needs twigs and a lighter. Once those items are in the inventory, the player can select the option to start the fire.

Antique oven radius

From what I understand, the radius of an antique oven is up to 5 tiles.

How to get the antique ovens out of the crates

How to pick up an antique oven from a car trunk

To get the antique ovens out of their crates, you will need to drop everything else you are carrying, including your backpack. Once you have freed up your hands, you should be able to grab the ovens and move them to the floor.

You will need a hammer to pick up and place an antique oven.

How to avoid having a character die due to not being able to drop an Antique stove

Some player is looking for a way to avoid having their character die due to not being able to drop an antique stove. They first suggest finding a bag to put the stove in, and then getting a hammer to secure it. If the player does not have a hammer, We suggest finding a container large enough to fit the stove.


It is safe to use antique ovens as heat sources in Project Zomboid, but be sure to light the stove with wood first. These ovens will not start fires and are best used to warm up a room during winter.

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