Project Zomboid Administrator command

/addalltowhitelist/addalltowhitelistAdd all players on the current server to the whitelist
/additem [ID] [Item ID] [Quantity]/additem job Base.Axe 1Give player job a fire axe
/addusertowhitelist [ID]/addusertowhitelist jobAdd player job to the whitelist
/addvehicle [Vehicle ID] [Player ID or XYZ]/addvehicle VanAmbulance 1,1,1Generate an ambulance to the coordinates X1,Y1,Z1
/addxp [ID] [skill=X experience]/addxp job Woodwork=5Increase player job’s Carpenter,Carpentry experience by 5 points
/alarm/alarmtrigger alarm in current house (need to be inside)
/banid [Steam id]/banid 111111111Block the player with Steam ID 11111111
/banuser [ID] -ip -r [reason]/banuser job -ip -r bye byeblock player job and block IP reason is bye bye
/changeoption [parameter name] [value]/changeoption pvp trueChange server PVP status to true
/chopper/choppertrigger the helicopter event to a random player
/createhorde [number] [ID]/createhorde 150 jobCreates a swarm of 150 corpses near player job
/godmod [ID] -true or -fals/godmod job -trueTurns player job into God mode
/gunshot/gunshottriggers a random gunshot event to a player
/help/helpShow command list
/invisible [ID] -true or -false/invisible job -trueTurns the player job into invisible mode
/kickuser [ID] -r [reason]/kickuser job -r rollKick out player job for reason roll
/noclip [ID] -true or -false/noclip job -trueTurn on player job in wall mode
/players/playersList all online players
/quit/quitSaves and shuts down the server
!!!/releasesafehouse/safehouseRelease Release the safehouses you own
/reloadlua [filename]/reloadlua [filename]Reload the lua script
/reloadoptions/reloadoptionsReload the server settings file
/removeuserfromwhitelist [ID]/removeuserfromwhitelist jobRemove player job from whitelist
/removezombies/removezombiesRemove zombies (not tested, may have problems)
/save/saveSaves the current world
/sendpulse/sendpulseSend performance messages about the server
/servermsg [broadcast]/servermsg welcome to join Send serverBroadcast and say welcome to join
/setaccesslevel [ID] [level]/setaccesslevel job adminSet player job to admin
/showoptions/showoptionsShows a list of current server options and values
/startrain/startrainStart rain
/stoprain/stoprainStart rain
/teleport [ID] or [ID] [ID]/teleport job job2Teleport player job to player job2
/teleportto [X,Y,Z]/teleportto 1,2,1Teleport to coordinates X1,Y2,Z1
/unbanid [Steam ID]/unbanid 111111111Unblock player with SteamID 1111111111
/unbanuser/voiceban [ID] -true or -false [ID]/unbanuser 111111111111111111 Unblock player with ID 1111111111
/voiceban [ID] -true or -false/voiceban job -trueReject voice from player’s job

Those commands are all server administration commands for the game project zomboid. They can be used to manage players, change server options, and perform various other actions.