Poison: The Deadliest Thing Since the Zombie Apocalypse

How do you cure poison in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid, the Queasy Moodle is an irreversible illness that can be caused by eating bad or raw food, spending too much time around decaying corpses, or smoking (if the player is not already a smoker). The Queasy Moodle is the first and least harmful of the Sick category of Moodles in Project Zomboid.

Eat Lemongrass to soothe bouts of food poisoning

To cure poison, players need to identify the source of the illness and take steps to avoid it in the future. The Queasy Moodle is the primary indicator of a survivor’s health and status and will help the player to determine if they are poisoned. If the player is poisoned, they will need to find a way to cure themselves. you should find the cause of the poison and then cure it.

If you find some lemongrass and eat it, it will only work once and you will still be sick.

Poison food

Poisoning food can be done by adding poisoned berries or mushrooms to the dish. The more poison berries or mushrooms that are added, the more deadly the dish becomes. Recently, the player’s character died after eating 2 poison berries by accident, proving that even a small amount of poison can be deadly.

Poison food can be very dangerous, especially if you have a weak stomach. If you eat poisoned berries or mushrooms, you will immediately become sick.

Rotten food can also be dangerous, and if you have a weak stomach, it can kill you if you are not healthy.

The changes to poison in-game

Uncooked fish are now dangerous, as is tainted water. Poison berries and mushrooms have also been changed at some point. Millipedes and centipedes are both dangerous when uncooked, and can be found by foraging.

How to identify poisonous plants

There is a “poison strength” value for poisonous food items, but it is unclear how this works or what the lethal dose is. We suggest testing small amounts of a potential poison to see if it makes you sick but notes that this may not be foolproof. Ultimately, the best way to avoid eating poisonous plants is to find the Herbalist trait or magazine.

What to do if you eat a poisonous plant

If you have eaten a poisonous berry or mushroom, make sure to not eat anymore.

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