Optimize Project Zomboid Experience With Respawn Settings

Zombies are often used as cannon fodder in horror franchises, but they can be even more threatening when they are the main antagonists. In zombie-focused games, the hordes of rotting undead can be very menacing, so if you find yourself in trouble, you may need to adjust the game settings. You can usually change things like loot and zombie speed quite easily.

Some players might also want to remove the zeds option for respawning. This can help since the undead can spawn in your base. These respawns in project Zomboid can be easily disabled in a simple procedure. The Project Zomboid zombie spawns can be optimized with the sandbox configurations. These settings allow players to make the game suit their Playstyle to optimize their personal experiences. 

How to adjust spawns in Project Zomboid

To adjust the spawns in project Zomboid, go to the primary menu, start a new game, tab on solo, and select the custom sandbox from the Playstyle to get to the settings tab. You will find eleven pages worth of options on the settings page, but the last and first pages relate to the zombie spawns. However, you can also traverse the other pages and tamper with the time advancement, loot rarity, and gas rarity. 

Respawn Settings

Project Zomboid population settings

The population is the first sheet of setting options that are also intuitive and feature two dropdowns, the Zombie Distribution and Zombie Count. The Zombie count defines the number of undead available in the game. The zombie count is usually set to Standard by default, but players are free to increase or reduce it as they fancy, arraying from none to insane. 

The second dropdown is the Zombie distribution, which includes two Uniform and Urban focused options. The default choice here is the Urban focused, implying that there will be more undead in the urban centers, just like in the catastrophe. If you wish the zombies to be evenly distributed, you can switch to uniform. 

Project Zomboid up to date Zomboid Options

This is the last settings page with Advanced Zombie Options where the actual magic happens. The page has thirteen options, and most confusion happens here for most zombie players. Here is the breakdown

1.Population multipliers

This is an option tethered to the Zombie count alternative on the population site, but this can be adjusted manually to more values. The number of zombies spawns increases with an increase in the population multiplier. The values on this page range from none (zero) to insane (four), and players can apply decimals if it pleases them. The multiplier page works together with two preceding settings: the population peak multiplier and the start multiplier.

2.Population start multiplier

If you want to begin with an early game, this is where you can set the number of zombies. This setting works like the population multiplier. The bigger the value, the more the zombies spawn. Each value you choose from zero to four will be augmented by the Population multiplier to put the real regeneration rate. For instance, if the Populace multiplier is 3.0 and the game’s Population Start Multiplier is 0.1, a player will begin with a spawning multiplier of 0.3. 

3.Population peak multiplier

The reproduction multiplier rises from the Start Multiplier to the upper bound throughout the play. This is the value the players wish their end game spawn stow to be and be multiplied by the Population Multiplier. 

4.Population peak day

This is the period it might take for the spawn multiplier to rise from the Begin Multiplier to the Peak one. This is adjusted to twenty-eight days by default, but a player can increase or reduce it to three hundred and sixty-five days to one day. 

5.Respawn hours

Some hours should elapse before zombies re-emerge in a chunk. If a player sets this to zero, the respawning will be disabled, implying that a player can clear a spot with no worry of the zombies respawning, but still, they can wander to it. The disabled respawn is set to seventy-two hours by default, but a player can increase it by about one year. Once this is done, the zombies will reappear in the cells they died in but will spawn in the area’s outskirts. 

6.Respawn Unseen Hours

This option is the same as the previous one and features a similar minimum and maximum even if it applies to only respawn in unseen bricks. For instance, if a player sets this to seventy-two hours, it implies that they have to leave the place for all those hours before the zombies begin respawning. The value often overrides the value of Respawn hours for unseen bricks, which is set to sixteen hours by default. 

7.Respawn multiplier

The setting ties the respawn unseen hours and the respawn hours and represents part of the total zombies to respawn per a particular time set. If a player sets this to 1.0, which is the maximum, all zombies will reemerge in each set of respawning hours. Likewise, if set to 0.1, it will take 10 cycles of reemergence time to respawn all of the zombies. 


The zombies in Project Zomboid can respawn in the same cell they died in or the outskirts of the area. Players can theoretically kill all of the zombies, but it will take a lot of time and effort as the zombies are infinite. Furthermore, it is difficult to find and kill the zombies that are hidden in the woods.

Players must also be prepared for the constant threat of the zombies, as they can come back to life after a certain amount of time. This time is set to seventy-two hours by default, which can make it difficult to stay safe. Players must also be aware of the health and hunger bar, as this will affect their ability to survive.


The Zombie project has many settings that can help a player adjust the game to change the size of hordes, forming group separation distances, how far they can hear, and even travel. If you have questions about how you can optimize your project Zomboid experience, be sure to do so by adjusting your sandbox settings.