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On Fast Shambler, the game’s default setting, the character’s walk speed is faster than any zombie. The game never provides an incentive to run or sprint; there’s simply no reason to do so, except when trying to lead a horde of zombies in a circle.

Different speeds for zombies (shambler, fast shambler, sprinter) and how they affect gameplay

Different speeds for zombies can affect gameplay in different ways. For example, Sprinter speed is almost impossible to survive because your character will run out of stamina after a minute of running. If a group of Sprinter zombies spots you, it’s game over.

I’ve been playing project zomboid for a long time and one of the things that have always bothered me is the speed of the zombies. In particular, I think that the Fast Shambler is slow, and the Sprinter is too fast. There needs to be some intermediate speed or a mix of Shamblers and Sprinters. I’m feeling a bit frustrated after trying B41 and finding that nothing has changed regarding zombie difficulty.

Why do shamblers start sprinting when they surround a player?

In the game “Project Zomboid”, shamblers are slow zombies that start sprinting when they surround a player. This is due to a buff that was given to them in Build 41, which caused them to lunge and chase players when they got close. Some players find this enjoyable, as it makes the game more challenging.

The difficulties of dealing with sprinters in Project Zomboid.

It is a difficulty that players may face when trying to deal with sprinters in Project Zomboid. The game’s combat system is not designed well enough to deal with these fast zombies, and that this lack of challenge makes the game less enjoyable for experienced players.

Suggestion: reduce Rally Group Size, so you don’t have to face a lot of sprinters at the same time.

Rally Group Size

The challenges of playing with randomized speeds in zombie games.

Randomized speeds in zombie games can be a challenge, as it requires quick thinking and prevents you from lowering your guard. You need different strategies to deal with different situations.

How to customize the percentage of sprinters and shamblers in a game.

project zomboid zombie speed mod

The “Customizable Zombies” is a mod for the game that allows players to customize the speed of zombies. The mod includes options for different speeds, including both slower and faster options.

There are four types of zombies, Crawler, Shambler, Fast Shambler, and Sprinter. Each type has a different chance to spawn.

Settings for Customizable Zombies

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