Long Blunt Weapon: The Best Way to Kill Zombies

long blunt build

The two Traits, Baseball Player and Brawler, have some similarities and some differences. Both give bonuses to Long Blunt(+1)

long blunt vs short blunt

There are two main types of blunt weapons in the game – short and long.

Short blunt weapons are more versatile, as they can be used as tools as well as weapons. They are also more common than long blunt weapons.

Long blunt weapons are better for fighting, as they deal more damage. However, they are less durable than short blunt weapons and take up more space.

The different types of long blunt weapons available in the game

There are around 30 different types of long blunt weapons available in the game, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

The long blunt skill influences the attack speed, the damage done, and the critical chance.

One-handed weapons are faster than two-handed weapons, but two-handed weapons are safer in the long run.

NameweightAttack TypeDamageRangeSwing TimeCrit Damage Multiplier(chance)ConditionBase ID
Canoe Paddle – Double-bladed2.2Two-Hand0.8–1.90.61–1.622x(50%)10Base.CanoePadelX2
Shovel1.5Two-Hand0.8–1.90.61–1.62.12x(40%)10Base.Shovel Base.Shovel2
Snow Shovel1.5Two-Hand0.8–1.90.61–1.62.12x(40%)10Base.SnowShovel
Garden Hoe1.5Two-Hand0.6–1.70.61–1.62.12x(35%)10Base.GardenHoe
Spiked Baseball Bat2Two-Hand1–1.50.61–1.2835x(30%)15Base.BaseballBatNails
Canoe Paddle2Two-Hand0.5–1.30.61–1.622x(40%)10Base.CanoePadel
Baseball Bat2Two-Hand0.8–1.10.61–1.2532x(40%)15Base.BaseballBat
Golf Club2Two-Hand0.5–1.00.61–1.4232x(25%)5Base.Golfclub
Acoustic Guitar2.3Two-Hand0.3–0.80.61–1.332x(20%)2Base.GuitarAcoustic
Spiked Plank3.1Two-Hand0.5–0.80.61–1.3245x(25%)10Base.PlankNail
Hockey Stick1.5Two-Hand0.3–0.70.61–1.622x(30%)7Base.HockeyStick
Ice Hockey Stick1.5Two-Hand0.3–0.70.61–1.622x(30%)7Base.IceHockeyStick
Lacrosse Stick0.4Two-Hand0.3–0.70.61–1.622x(30%)10Base.LaCrosseStick
Leaf Rake1.5Two-Hand0.2–0.40.61–1.621x(5%)4Base.LeafRake
Pool Cue1Two-Hand0.2–0.40.61–1.6210Base.Poolcue
Fishing Rod (crafted)0.4Two-Hand0.2–0.30.61–1.5522x(5%)3Base.CraftedFishingRod
Fishing Rod0.4Two-Hand0.2–0.30.61–1.5522x(5%)3Base.FishingRod
Fishing Rod without Line0.4Two-Hand0.2–0.30.61–1.5522x(5%)3Base.FishingRodBreak
Tennis Racket1One-Hand0.3–0.50.61–1.2541x(5%)4Base.TennisRacket
Badminton Racket1One-Hand0.1–0.20.61–1.2544Base.BadmintonRacket
Sledgehammer6Heavy2–30.7–1.35210Base.Sledgehammer Base.Sledgehammer2
Electric Bass3.5Heavy0.9–1.40.61–1.3532x(70%)12Base.GuitarElectricBassBlack Base.GuitarElectricBassBlue Base.GuitarElectricBassRed
Electric Guitar2.8Heavy0.8–1.20.61–1.3532x(55%)10Base.GuitarElectricBlack Base.GuitarElectricBlue Base.GuitarElectricRed


How to effectively use a long blunt weapon in combat

Long Blunts are rare but are better for actual fighting. Specifically baseball bats.

Baseball bats are a good alternative, offer longer reach than most short blades. Axes can be effective but are difficult to use due to the range.

For mass zombie fighting, it is best to use a weapon that is strong and uses little stamina so that you can swing it over and over without pausing.

The best ways to train with a long blunt weapon

Long blunt weapons include items like baseball bats, crowbars, and guitars. The skill can be increased by hitting zombies with any of these long weapons. Baseball bats with spikes and crowbars are recommended, as they tend to last longer than other weapons.

However, if you prefer, you can also use a guitar to smash zombies. The best ways to train with a long blunt weapon are to use its durability.

The best long blunt weapons in the game

Baseball bats are a good choice for a long blunt weapon, as they have a high damage output and a good chance to critically hit, They can be kept until you got carpentry level 4–5, at which point they can be made into spiked versions for more damage. Crowbars are also a good choice, as they last longer than other weapons. If you want to go for a more damaging weapon, then the Shovel is a good choice.


Is a crowbar a long blunt or a short blunt?

Crowbars are one of the most versatile and durable weapons in the game, making them a great choice for long blunt weapon users. they can deal a decent amount of damage without wearing out quickly.

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