Long Blunt Weapon: The Best Way to Kill Zombies

Long blunt weapons are a type of weapon that deal high damage and are well-suited for combat situations. They come in two main types of blunt weapon in the game– short and long – with long blunt weapons being the more powerful of the two but also being less durable and taking up more inventory space. In the game, there are over 30 different types of long blunt weapons available, each with their own unique characteristics and features.

One-handed long blunt weapons are generally faster than two-handed weapons, but two-handed weapons are safer to use in the long run as they have a higher durability. Some examples of one-handed long blunt weapons include the Pool Cue and the Lead Pipe, while examples of two-handed weapons include the Shovel and the Spiked Baseball Bat.

The long blunt skill influences the attack speed, damage, and critical chance of these weapons. It is important to note that each weapon has its own specific characteristics and it is up to the player to decide which one is the best fit for their playstyle and situation.

In terms of weight, attack type, and damage range, there is a wide variety of options available. The Canoe Paddle – Double-bladed is a two-handed weapon that weighs 2.2 and deals 0.8-1.9 damage, while the Hockey Stick is a two-handed weapon that weighs 1.5 and deals 0.3-0.7 damage. The attack type of a weapon determines how it is used – for example, the Baseball Bat is a two-handed weapon that deals 0.8-1.1 damage, while the Acoustic Guitar is a two-handed weapon that deals 0.3-0.8 damage.

Range is another important aspect to consider when choosing a long blunt weapon. The Shovel has a range of 0.61-1.6, while the Spiked Plank has a range of 0.61-1.32. The swing time of a weapon determines how long it takes to use it in combat – for example, the Golf Club has a swing time of 3 seconds, while the Spiked Baseball Bat has a swing time of 3 seconds.

Critical damage multiplier and condition are two other factors to consider when choosing a long blunt weapon. The Spiked Baseball Bat has a 5x critical damage multiplier and a higher condition compared to the Baseball Bat, which has a 2x critical damage multiplier and a lower condition.

The Traits Baseball Player and Brawler both give bonuses to Long Blunt (+1), indicating that these traits may be useful for players who prefer to use these types of weapons.

In conclusion, long blunt weapons are a powerful and useful tool in combat, but they come with their own set of trade-offs such as lower durability and inventory space. Players can choose from a wide variety of long blunt weapons in the game, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and can improve their skills with these weapons through practice and training. It is important for players to consider the various characteristics of each weapon and choose the one that best fits their playstyle and needs.

NameweightAttack TypeDamageRangeSwing TimeCrit Damage Multiplier(chance)ConditionBase ID
Canoe Paddle – Double-bladed2.2Two-Hand0.8–1.90.61–1.622x(50%)10Base.CanoePadelX2
Shovel1.5Two-Hand0.8–1.90.61–1.62.12x(40%)10Base.Shovel Base.Shovel2
Snow Shovel1.5Two-Hand0.8–1.90.61–1.62.12x(40%)10Base.SnowShovel
Garden Hoe1.5Two-Hand0.6–1.70.61–1.62.12x(35%)10Base.GardenHoe
Spiked Baseball Bat2Two-Hand1–1.50.61–1.2835x(30%)15Base.BaseballBatNails
Canoe Paddle2Two-Hand0.5–1.30.61–1.622x(40%)10Base.CanoePadel
Baseball Bat2Two-Hand0.8–1.10.61–1.2532x(40%)15Base.BaseballBat
Golf Club2Two-Hand0.5–1.00.61–1.4232x(25%)5Base.Golfclub
Acoustic Guitar2.3Two-Hand0.3–0.80.61–1.332x(20%)2Base.GuitarAcoustic
Spiked Plank3.1Two-Hand0.5–0.80.61–1.3245x(25%)10Base.PlankNail
Hockey Stick1.5Two-Hand0.3–0.70.61–1.622x(30%)7Base.HockeyStick
Ice Hockey Stick1.5Two-Hand0.3–0.70.61–1.622x(30%)7Base.IceHockeyStick
Lacrosse Stick0.4Two-Hand0.3–0.70.61–1.622x(30%)10Base.LaCrosseStick
Leaf Rake1.5Two-Hand0.2–0.40.61–1.621x(5%)4Base.LeafRake
Pool Cue1Two-Hand0.2–0.40.61–1.6210Base.Poolcue
Fishing Rod (crafted)0.4Two-Hand0.2–0.30.61–1.5522x(5%)3Base.CraftedFishingRod
Fishing Rod0.4Two-Hand0.2–0.30.61–1.5522x(5%)3Base.FishingRod
Fishing Rod without Line0.4Two-Hand0.2–0.30.61–1.5522x(5%)3Base.FishingRodBreak
Tennis Racket1One-Hand0.3–0.50.61–1.2541x(5%)4Base.TennisRacket
Badminton Racket1One-Hand0.1–0.20.61–1.2544Base.BadmintonRacket
Sledgehammer6Heavy2–30.7–1.35210Base.Sledgehammer Base.Sledgehammer2
Electric Bass3.5Heavy0.9–1.40.61–1.3532x(70%)12Base.GuitarElectricBassBlack Base.GuitarElectricBassBlue Base.GuitarElectricBassRed
Electric Guitar2.8Heavy0.8–1.20.61–1.3532x(55%)10Base.GuitarElectricBlack Base.GuitarElectricBlue Base.GuitarElectricRed


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