How to Repair Weapons in Project Zomboid

Can you Fix broken weapons in project zomboid?

Yes, You can. To repair a broken weapon, the player must have the necessary skill level and a number of intact weapons of the same type(for ranged weapons ). There are traits that affect your chances of repairing an item, such as “lucky” and “unlucky.”

How to repair melee weapons

There are a few things that will affect how well melee weapons can be repaired. The weapon’s type, the player’s carpentry skill, the trait of the player, and how many repairs have been done on the weapon will all play a role.

Usually, Using wood glue instead of duct tape results in greater potential repair.

Repair items can be found in different locations around the map. Each repair item has a Potential Repair value and a Success Chance percentage.

Every time a weapon is repaired, the Potential Repair value for all repair items is reduced. This means that it is usually more beneficial to find a new weapon than to try to repair an old one.

Weapon50% repair chance25% repair chance10% repair chance10% repair chance10% repair chance

AxeWood Glue, 2 uses, Carpentry skill of at least 2 neededDuct Tape, 2 usesGlue, 2 usesScotch Tape, 4 uses
Baseball BatWood Glue, 2 uses, Carpentry skill of at least 2 neededDuct Tape, 2 usesGlue, 2 usesScotch Tape, 4 uses
Spiked Baseball BatWood Glue, 2 uses, Carpentry skill of at least 2 neededDuct Tape, 2 usesGlue, 2 usesScotch Tape, 4 usesNails, 1 useSledgehammerWood Glue, 2 uses, Carpentry skill of at least 2 neededDuct Tape, 2 usesGlue, 3 usesScotch Tape, 4 uses
HammerWood Glue, 1 use, Carpentry skill of at least 1 neededDuct Tape, 1 useGlue, 2 usesScotch Tape, 3 uses
Golf ClubDuct Tape, 2 usesScotch Tape, 3 uses

Frying PanDuct Tape, 1 useGlue, 2 usesScotch Tape, 3 uses

Kitchen KnifeDuct Tape, 1 useGlue, 1 useScotch Tape, 2 uses

Source: pzwiki

How to repair ranged weapons

To repair ranged weapons, you need the following items:

You need to first have the required aiming skill (Aiming skill of 4 or more). Then, you need several (at least two) weapons that are less than 100% condition. After that, you can use one of the weapons as a repair item to repair the other.

The factors that affect repair success

The success rate decreases with each successive repair, meaning that it is generally more beneficial to find an unused weapon than to repair one that has already been damaged.

There are a few factors that affect the success of repairing a melee weapon. The first is the quality of the repair item being used. Lower-end items have a lower potential repair value, which means they are less effective in the long run. The second is the skill of the person doing the repairs. Higher-level repair items require a higher carpentry skill to use effectively.

Finally, the number of charges on the repair item also affects its success. More charges mean a higher chance of success.

What skills are needed to repair weapons

To repair weapons, you will need the appropriate skill level in the relevant weapon type, as well as the necessary repair items. For example, repairing pistols requires at least 3 in the aiming skill.

How to make weapons last longer

The “Simple Weapon Durability” mod from the steam workshop can be used to make weapons last longer. With the mod, you can choose how many times longer the weapon condition will last. For example, you can choose to make the weapon condition last 2 times longer or 3 times longer. The mod is useful if you are annoyed by how quickly every melee weapon gets to zero condition.

Repair weapons mod

how to repair a Machete?

You can repair a Machete with 2 Duct Tape or 3 Adhesive Tape

Repair Machete

how to repair Katana / machete?

You can’t repair Katana without a mod.

KatanaCraftFix 41.xx Mod adds crafting and repairs to the original Katana, which is helpful. The mod does not change the characteristics of the katana, so users should still be cautious when using it.

Repair Katana

how to repair nightstick

You can’t repair nightsticks without a mod.

The chances of success when repairing equipment

The repair action can be used to fix various broken objects. To use the repair action, select it from the drop-down menu. This will bring up a list of different repair items, each with its own values for potential repair and success chance. Select the item you wish to use and the procedure will begin.

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