How to Make Sterilized Bandages in Project Zomboid

A Sterilized Bandage is an extremely important medical supply in Project Zomboid. It will help you in surviving against the zombies by healing your wounds. However, not everyone is aware of the fastest method of getting one. Today, I’m going to change that! Following is the fastest method according to which you can craft sterilized bandages.

Quick Method of Getting Sterilized Bandages

The first step of crafting sterilized bandages is to find a Cooking Pot or Pan and some bandages. Once you have them both, you can move on to the next step. You must boil some water in order to make the sterilized bandages. To do this, fill the cooking pot found in the previous step with water. Afterwards, find a stove and light it on fire. Once you’ve done that, place the cooking pot filled with water upon the stove. Now you have to play the waiting game till the water starts to boil!

Sterilized Bandage

Boiling of the water is symbolized by the cooking pot turning red. Once this happens, navigate over to the medical page of the synthesis table. Here, provided you previously have Bandages or Ripped Sheets, you can combine the two items to craft a sterilized bandage.