How to fix project zomboid won’t stop running

How to fix that won’t the game stop running

Some users are having difficulty with their computer games not shutting down properly, even when using the “Quit to Desktop” option.

It’s unclear exactly what the problem was, but it seems that either the game wasn’t actually closing when it was supposed to, or Steam was detecting that the game was still running even after it had been closed.

You can find the process in your task manager and end it there. If you see a process called ZULU running, close it down and the game will stop. If you don’t see any of that in the PROCESSES tab, look at the DETAILS tab in the task manager. Sometimes it will have a zomboid exe running there.

If you’re having trouble finding the process, try restarting your PC.

Problem with Steam, not closing Project Zomboid

Some players are having trouble getting Steam to close properly when they exit Project Zomboid. The only way to close Steam seems to be to end the process in the task manager, which can be quite annoying, especially if you die a lot or play for short periods of time.

It’s not clear if this is a Steam-related problem or not, but it doesn’t seem to happen with any other games. This problem has been seen with build 41.60 and 41.61 of Project Zomboid.

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