How To Build A Well In Project Zomboid

The benefits of having a well

There are a number of maps available that have wells on them. The three known wells in the game are located at a farm to the northwest of Muldraugh, at the farm directly south of the first well, and at the cabin in the western woods, north of the lumber yard.

Wells are the only infinite source of clean water currently in the game. Other sources, such as a Rain Collector Barrel, are refillable when rain falls, but store only a finite amount of water. Having a well can be very beneficial.

How to build a well with a mod

With More Builds Mod, You can build your own well.

Build A Water Well

A water well Max water capacity** 1200** Water amount will auto increase by the time Rain increases water fill speed only be built outdoors on soft soil!

Gravel Bag2
Empty Bucket1
Carpentry Level7

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