How to automatically run in project zomboid

Right-click on an area of the map you want to walk to, Click “walk to”, and then select the fast-forward option you want while the character is moving. This can be useful for crossing large distances quickly, or for doing things like fishing and cooking where you need more time. However, if your character comes into contact with a zombie, the game will automatically switch back to normal speed. In the game, there is a “toggle to walk” key-binding.

How to run/sprint longer in Project Zomboid

This makes it very important to be aware of your surroundings and to correctly judge when it is safe to sprint and when you need to save your energy.

When trying to escape zombies, it is often best to use shorter bursts of sprinting with rests in-between. This will help you last longer and avoid tiring out your character too much, which can lead to death. In general, only sprint when you are absolutely sure that it is safe to do so.

Sprinting can also be useful for traveling long distances, however, players will need to keep an eye on their stamina levels. If a player’s stamina reaches zero, they will collapse and be unable to move until they have rested for some time.

With all this in mind, players should be able to master the art of Sprinting in Project Zomboid and use it effectively against the hordes of undead enemies!

How to speed up time when moving around

-To speed up time while moving around in the game, right-click on the area of the map you want to walk to. -While the character is moving to the destination, you can speed up the time and have them walk at the same time. -This way, you can pick whatever fast-forward option you like and cross large distances on the map in a shorter amount of time. -If your character comes into contact with a zombie, the game will automatically return to normal speed.

Auto walk mod

I think AutoWalkTo is a nifty mod and I like the idea of having my hands free while I walk. It does have some limitations but overall it works well.

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