How To Admin Someone On Project Zomboid

How to set up an admin on a Project Zomboid server

How to make another player an admin

Once you are logged in, press “t” or “enter” to open the chat window. Enter commands using the “/” character followed by the command you wish to use.


To make another player an admin, Type in “set access level username level”, Such as “set access level boy admin”. This will make the user “boy”(Steam ID) an admin.

What is an Access Level?

An Access Level is a designation given to a player that allows them to perform certain actions within the game that other players may not be able to do. The different Access Levels are: Admin, Moderator, Overseer, GM, and Observer. Each Access Level has different permissions and abilities.

Access LevelGod ModToggle invisibleTeleportBan/Unban UserManipulate whitelistModify player statsCan always join server (even if full)

A full list of available admin commands

A full list of available commands can be found on our website.

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