Where to Find the spiffo mascot suit in project zomboid

What the Spiffo Suit is

The Spiffo Suit Head is a rare piece of headgear that is a clothing item that can be worn as an accessory and provides a small amount of insulation and water resistance. The Spiffo Suit Head is equitable on the head and forms part of the Spiffo outfit.

The Spiffo Suit is the perfect outfit for any fashionable. The three-piece set includes the Spiffo Suit Head, Spiffo Suit, and Spiffo Suit Tail. You will be the talk of the town in this stylish ensemble.

Spiffo Suit

Where the Spiffo suit head can be found

The Spiffo suit is a costume that can very rarely be found on zombies at Spiffo’s restaurants. The zombie’s where the Spiffo suits are extremely rare and are only found at Spiffo’s restaurants. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these things, then congratulations! You’ve just discovered one of the most unique and interesting items in all of gaming.

Spiffo Suit zombie

The Spiffo suit head can also be found in department stores and places that have mannequins.

LocationQuantityContainerspawn change
spiffos kitchen0–1crate1%
spiffos kitchen0–1metal_shelves1%
spiffos storage0–1crate1%
spiffos storage0–1metal_shelves1%
jays chicken kitchen0–1crate1%

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