What you would find in a shed

Sheds are small buildings or structures that are typically found in the backyard of a house. They are usually used for storing tools, lawn equipment, and other such items. However, sheds can also be found in other locations, such as trailer parks and storage cells in cities.


counterAxe, Ball Peen Hammer, Blow Torch, Club Hammer, Duct Tape, Dust Mask, Garden Saw, Glasses Safety Goggles, Hammer, Hand Axe, Hard Hat, Metal Bar, Metal Pipe, Nails Box, Plank, Propane Tank, Rope, Saw, Scrap Metal, Screwdriver, Screws Box, Sheet Metal, Small Sheet Metal, Welding Mask, Welding Rods, Wire, Wood Axe, Wooden Mallet, Woodglue
crateAxe, Ball Peen Hammer, Blow Torch, Broccoli Bag Seed, Bucket Empty, Cabbage Bag Seed, Carrot Bag Seed, Club Hammer, Compost Bag, Concrete Powder, Crowbar, Dust Mask, Fertilizer, Garden Fork, Garden Hoe, Garden Saw, Gardening Spray Empty, Glasses Safety Goggles, Gravelbag, Hammer, Hand Axe, Hand Fork, Hand Scythe, Hand Shovel, Leaf Rake, Lug Wrench, Machete, Metal Bar, Metal Pipe, Padlock, Paint Black, Paint Blue, Paint Brown, Paint Cyan, Paint Green, Paint Grey, Paint Light Blue, Paint Light Brown, Paint Orange, Paint Pink, Paint Purple, Paint Red, Paint Turquoise, Paint White, Paint Yellow, Paintbrush, Pick Axe, Pipe Wrench, Plank, Plaster Powder, Potato Bag Seed, Propane Tank, Rake, Red Radish Bag Seed, Rope, Saw, Scrap Metal, Screwdriver, Seed Bag, Sheet Metal, Shovel, Sledgehammer, Small Sheet Metal, Snow Shovel, Strewberrie Bag Seed, Tire Pump, Tomato Bag Seed, Watering Can, Welding Mask, Welding Rods, Wire, Wood Axe, Wooden Mallet, Wrench
lockerAxe, Ball Peen Hammer, Club Hammer, Crowbar, Garden Fork, Garden Hoe, Garden Saw, Hammer, Hand Axe, Hand Fork, Hand Scythe, Hand Shovel, Leaf Rake, Lug Wrench, Machete, Pick Axe, Pipe Wrench, Rake, Rope, Saw, Screwdriver, Shovel, Sledgehammer, Snow Shovel, Tire Pump, Wood Axe, Wooden Mallet, Wrench
metalshelvesAxe, Ball Peen Hammer, Blow Torch, Club Hammer, Crowbar, Duct Tape, Dust Mask, Garden Fork, Garden Hoe, Garden Saw, Glasses Safety Goggles, Hammer, Hand Axe, Hand Fork, Hand Scythe, Hand Shovel, Hard Hat, Leaf Rake, Lug Wrench, Machete, Metal Bar, Metal Pipe, Nails Box, Pick Axe, Pipe Wrench, Plank, Propane Tank, Rake, Rope, Saw, Scrap Metal, Screwdriver, Screws Box, Sheet Metal, Shovel, Sledgehammer, Small Sheet Metal, Snow Shovel, Tire Pump, Welding Mask, Welding Rods, Wire, Wood Axe, Wooden Mallet, Woodglue, Wrench

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