What should I do first in Project Zomboid?

The early stage is the most important aspect of Project Zomboid. Depending upon your playstyle, it can either be a walk in the park, or absolute hell! In this guide, I will tell you how to make your early game incredibly easy!

Find a Car

Project Zomboid Beginners Strategy

Initially, you have to choose an occupation. This happens during the character creation phase. You should pick the “Fire Officer” occupation without even giving it a thought. This is by far the strongest and most useful one. 

Find the Hiking Bag

Once the game starts, search for a Hiking Bag. This can be found in the closet of your room. If it isn’t there, try to search for it in other areas of the room. This bag will contain a melee weapon and a few bottles of water, as well as food. If you selected the “Smoker” trait, it is also advisable to find cigarettes and lighters. 

Find Medical Supplies

Once done, head on over to the “Pharmacy”. You can find useful supplies here. Prioritize collecting disinfectant and leaving bandages. When you kill zombies, tear their clothes to obtain cloth strips. Now, use an iron stove to boil water. Combing these will net a disinfection cloth strip. This is much lighter than a bandage.

If you don’t want to fall asleep early collect Vitamins, Tea, or Coffee. Taking these will eliminate fatigue and prevent you from falling asleep. 

Find a Vehicle for Transportation

This step is essential if you don’t have the “Hotwire” skill to steal cars. Firstly, find a “Car Key”. Then, search for “Gasoline”. To collect gasoline, you will also need a “Gas Can”.  A full gas can will hold maximum 5 units of gasoline. Now, fill the car with gas. Additionally, ensure that the battery of the car is functional. Once this is done, you can drive the car and be on your way!


These are the basics that will make your early game immensely easier. By following these guidelines, you will be able to survive and thrive in Project Zomboid.