Project Zomboid: The Rosewood Gated Community

The area around Rosewood Gated Community is relatively safe compared to most other places on the map. There are fewer zombie hordes that spawn at night around this area, a great place to start your survival experience in Zomboid.

Where Is the Gated Community?

The entrance to the community can be found at the northwest corner of Rosewood. Those houses are currently unoccupied and contain all of the necessary supplies for survival: food, water, and beds for sleeping.


  • Close to the Police Station with some useful items inside.
  • Close to the Gas Station where you can refill your car’s tank.
  • Close to the Forest where you can get lots of woods.
  • Hight Fence (won’t break by zombies)

There are also plenty of shops and other buildings around Rosewood Gated Community where you can find supplies such as food, weapons, medicine, etc. This makes it an ideal location for starting your survival game in Project Zomboid since it’s close enough to other areas while still being far enough away from dangerous spots like zombie hordes that respawn every night at midnight (or earlier).


No Lake/River Nearby.

How to Defend The Base?

A survival base is a place where the player can rest, store items, and take shelter from the zombies. There are many different ways to defend a base. This part will help you to build your survival base.

Build Log Walls Around Your Base

Using logs as walls will protect you from zombies when they attack and keep them out of your house. The best way to build log walls is to stake them into the ground so that they cannot be knocked over by zombies or blown down by strong winds. Make sure there are enough gaps between the logs so that you can see outside but not get attacked by zombies.

Make Doorways In Each Room of Your House

Doorways are important because if zombies get inside your home they will destroy everything in their path until they reach you! Make sure each opening has a door on it so you can close it when needed or lock yourself inside with other survivors in case of an emergency.

Other Rosewood Base Locations Suggestions

Other locations that may be worth exploring are:

The Fire Station:

This base has practically everything you need, from an abundance of storage and vehicles to easy roof access. A kitchen has been installed. Multiple barracks as a place to sleep and train your carpentry skills.

So, Which is the Best Base at Rosewood?

The Gated Community maybe not be the best one, but it’s a good place for your long-term zomboid life.