Project Zomboid: The Rosewood Gated Community

Are you looking for a secure and resourceful base to start your Zomboid survival? Look no further than Rosewood Gated Community! This gated community is located in the northwest corner of Rosewood and provides an ideal location for starting your survival game in Project Zomboid.

The gated community has plenty of shops and other buildings around it where you can find supplies such as food, weapons, and medicine, and it is close to the Police Station, Gas Station, and Forest where you can find further resources. The walls of the gated community are made of logs, and there are doorways in each room of the houses so you can lock yourself inside in case of an emergency.

The area around Rosewood Gated Community is relatively safe compared to most other places in the map, so you can rest assured that your base is secure. To further protect your base and make it more resourceful, you can build log walls around the area and make doorways in each room of your house.

Rosewood Gated Community is a great place to start your Zomboid survival experience and has plenty of resources for you to get started. So, if you’re looking for a secure and resourceful base to start your Zomboid survival, Rosewood Gated Community is the perfect choice.