Project Zomboid: dragons?

What is the /dragons command in Project Zomboid and what does it do?

The /dragons command in Project Zomboid is a joke that after the Minecraft dragons were hinted at, people have been asking if they will be included in the game. In pretty much every new game that comes out, players always ask about the inclusion of dragons in the game.

There are no dragons in the game, and the command does not summon any. The joke is a reference to an old post on the forums of The Indie Stone. The post is about a person who was trying to find out what the /dragons command did in the game, and was told that it summoned dragons. However, the person could not find the dragon reference in the game’s code.

What is the origin of the dragon joke?

The joke originated on a forum where people were discussing the game Skyrim and someone made a joke suggesting that the team should add dragons to the game. This joke quickly spread and became popular among the community.

What are the implications of the dragon joke?

This has led to some frustration among players who are hoping for dragons to be added in a future update.

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