Project Zomboid: Ammo Straps

What Does an Ammo Strap Do?

An ammo strap is an item that can be worn across the chest as a stand-alone clothing accessory. The main purpose of the ammo strap will vary depending on whether it is for shells or bullets. The overall purpose of them is to provide a slight increase in ammo capacity for the player and is designed to increase reloading speed. They can be located at police stations in gun storage lockers, the trunks of police cars, trailer parks, parking garages, and in various streets and towns.

The Different Types of Ammo Straps Available

There are three different kinds of ammo straps available in the game: the Ammo Straps, the Bullets Ammo Strap, and the Shells Ammo Strap.

The Project Zomboid Bullets Ammo Strap and Shells Ammo Strap can be worn as an accessory. It cannot be upgraded with a screwdriver as weapons attachments can.

It is also possible that the Bullets Ammo Strap is “bugged,” which may prevent it from functioning as intended.

The Ammo Straps (weapon part) can be used for weapons such as the JS-2000, shotgun MSR700 rifle, and the MSR788 rifle. Its main purpose is to increase reloading speed, although it is not entirely clear that this is the case. It can be upgraded with a screwdriver as a weapon attachment.

How To Attach an Ammo Strap

The Bullets Ammo Strap, or Shells Ammo strap, is a wearable item and cannot be used as an upgrade for the firearm, nor can it be attached to it.

Ammo Straps (Weapon Part) can be upgraded with a screwdriver as a weapon attachment.

Do Ammo Straps Increase Reload Speed?

It is debatable as to whether or not ammo straps can increase reload speed. It is claimed that both ammo straps can increase reload speed by up to 15%. This is not certain as they have been tested, and it was shown that this isn’t the case. However, they may offer a very small increase, but it is barely noticeable during gameplay.

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