Negative traits for beginners in project zomboid

Players in Project Zomboid have to choose a Positive, as well as a Negative, trait in order to add talent points. Now, the positive trait is quite straightforward and easy to pick. The negative however, is an entirely different story. That’s where I come in! Today I’ll recommend the best negative traits you can choose in Project Zomboid. 

Negative Traits for Novice Players

  • Cowardly

This trait will cause you to have 200% panic excluding Night Terrors and Phobias. Even if you have selected the “Brave” trait, the villain will become extremely frightened encountering a horde. So, it’s useful to pick this for +2 points.

  • Slow Reader

This can be a viable option. It is recommended for players who have no shortage of time. It will take you longer to read books and gives +2 points.

  • Weak Stomach

The weak stomach trait is +3 points. It causes you to have a 200% chance of food illness. You can prevent this effect from being too extreme. Just steer clear of eating raw, burnt or stale meat.

  • Pacifist

In theory, this trait causes you to earn only 75% XP from Melee and Aiming skills. However, in actual play, it does not cause much of a negative effect. It has +4 points associated to it.

  • Smoker

Smoker will cause the stress de-buff to slowly, but constantly, rise if you don’t occasionally smoke. However, Cigarettes are easily found and also dropped by zombies. An icon is displayed if you get addicted to cigarettes. Lighters and matches will be necessary if you smoke one. The trait has +4 points.

This is worth +4 points. It increases your hunger to 150%. This won’t be a problem in build 41 because you can stay hungry for longer. You basically just have to eat more!

  • Slow Healer

The negatives from slow healer aren’t a big deal. It just takes longer for you to recover from injuries. In contrast, it has +6 points so it’s totally worth it!

  • High Thirst

You have 200% increased thirst. Reflecting upon this, water is quite easy to get. Additionally, you can collect water from a lake if your supply runs out. Water from rain can also be used by boiling. The trait has +6 points.

It causes you to have 60 starting weight. You can remedy this by eating high-calorie foods. This will cause you to gain weight. The trait will disappear once you reach 75 weight. Furthermore, you will have poor endurance. You will slow down after running for a while. It is advisable not to choose this when fighting zombies. It has +10 points.

  • Insomnia/Restless Sleeper

Restless Sleeper is worth +6 points. You sleep for fewer hours. Additionally, loss of tiredness is reduced while sleeping. However, you can consume Vitamins, Tea and Coffee. In this way, you practically don’t have to sleep. One down-side to this occurs in the late stage when you are sick and don’t have medicine. It becomes difficult to wake up earlier after eating Sleeping Tablets with this trait.